Trump Holds Rally in Pennsylvania

Donald Trump held a rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday night in front of what appeared to be a large crowd. The rally was held in support of senatorial and governorship races that are being contested by Mehmet Oz and Doug Mastroiano, however they definitely didn't get the upper hand in the arena, physically, or as a subject of debate. The question of whether that's a positive or negative thing is in the eyes of the observer.

Trump was out swinging at Joe Biden, ripping apart his National Address which labeled the majority of Americans as a threat to “democracy.”

Another time, Trump said Biden looked like the “devil” standing in front of the blood-red light that was the centerpiece of his polarizing address on Thursday. It's not a mistake on this front. It's also true in saying that Biden's speech was full of hate and anger. In my analysis of the speech I found it to be the most disgusting address to the nation I've ever heard a president deliver and a lot of people older than I appear to agree with me on this.

The former president later turned his attention towards the FBI and the ongoing DOJ criminal probe targeting the former president. The former president didn't hesitate in that either.

The president called the operation “shameless” and a “travesty of justice,” Trump declared South American leaders suggested the US could condemn their nations in the event that their governments were to carry out such a crime. It's true. It's been a bit odd to observe numerous people who claim that Hungary as well as El Salvador are fascist countries (despite having elections that are free) but suddenly get comfortable to support Joe Biden targeting his political opposition. There's a good reason why this is a line that should not be crossed, or at the very least not without something much more important and persuasive than “mishandled documents.”

Then, Trump got to the evening that included the candidates. Mastriano received a warm reception, Oz less so. There was some humor thrown into the opening speech for the senatorial candidate.

Trump's endorsement for Oz remains an issue, however, he's the man and I've been trying my best to go after John Fetterman. Unfortunately, and this is my main criticism of the evening, if you're seeking the one Trump was not able to do the job. He did not spend much time on Fetterman and the assault that he did make was among the most tame ones that were available.

I'm sure Aaron Rupar, the wild lefty that has been providing these clips, doesn't know what an actual joke is, however, I diverge. I really hoped Trump would take about 15 minutes ripping Fetterman. There's a lot of material left on the table that he could have used, from Fetterman receiving support from his parents, to his decision to not go in on an interview with Oz. I'm certain Trump will be returning to speak at another rally prior to the election and I hope that he will let his gloves fall off and let the dust settle, since Fetterman is an absolute jerk and needs to be defeated.

Moving forward, the evening ended with an inspiring note with music playing and Trump made his closing remarks.

In all, the president's remarks lasted about an hour and a half, which is typical of his style of speaking. There was a lot more he spoke about that I haven't covered here, however, a large portion of it was the same stuff he speaks at every event. I would say it was an effective way to increase voter turnout ahead of the mid-term elections in a state that is important. I just wish he'd have put Fetterman to the ground in the process.

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