West Virginia Coal Miners Drive Electric Car to Coal Plant to Charge

Five coal miners from West Virginia assisted a tourist who lost their electric vehicle on the road, by moving the vehicle up to their plant to charge it on Friday. WTRF announced.

Republican state senator Randy Smith of Tucker Count,y who is employed at the mine, posted the incident on Facebook.

“Some days are more enjoyable than other days. At our current mine on Corridor H an electric car from DC had run out of battery near the road that leads to the mine.” Smith said in his blog post. “Someone phoned one of our foremen and informed him that an automobile was broken on the road we were on. He was able to look it up and discovered that they were indeed running out of juice when they drove from DC to Davis to enjoy a getaway weekend.”

“He then returned to the mine, and asked people to take the car towards the guard's shack, so they could plug it in to charge it. They couldn't get it to charge because it was made of plastic and there was no electrical outlet to connect it to. Here are five coal miners who are pushing a battery car towards the coal mine in order to charge it up. If you take a closer look, you will notice our coal stockpile as well as loading out behind us.” Smith continued.

Smith took this opportunity to speak out about humanity and politics transcending despite the obvious comicality of a coal miner helping a stranger from Washington by charging their electric vehicle. Smith also noted an individual miner gave the driver with an “Friend of Coal” license plate during “the olive branch” moment. Evidently, no one is aware of the political stances of the driver, and neither is that crucial. The most important thing is that nice people showed up to help even though they could have just brushed them off.

“This simply shows that coal miners are good citizens and go to great lengths to assist any acquaintance or foe. I'm really glad that they ended up in a place where they could seek assistance because they were unable to find a tow truck that would arrive, and it's into the desert. One man even left a Friend of Coal license plate before he went home. Lol #Godblesscoalminers,” Smith said.

Democrats are pushing for an abrupt shift to electric vehicles in recent months with a recent announcement from the State of California to stop the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles by 2035. According to the Associated Press, 17 other states are also looking at similar restrictions.

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