ABC News Asking Questions about Democratic Tactic of Promoting MAGA Candidates

In this primary election, an obfuscation that deceives Democrats to give their candidates an easier path to the top of the list has been revealed- a hilarious spending campaign to select the candidate of their choice on the opposing side. The subject was discussed this past Sunday, and surprisingly, on ABC News' “This Week With George Stephanopoulos,” hosted by host Martha Raddatz.

In the course of the show, and as my co-host Bonchie mentioned, former Atlanta mayor and present Biden Senior adviser Keisha Lance Bottoms redoubled on the hateful, dangerous language the president spewed during his speech at the top of the hour Thursday.

The host also attempted to ask Bottoms whether she was a supporter of the Democrat strategy of increasing what they believe to borrow a phrase to Joe, ” ultra MAGA” and un-electable Republican candidates, to handpick their nominees to take down at the end of the year.

The exchange is as follows:

Raddatz: President Biden has criticized MAGA Republicans for selecting election deniers, and yet Democrats are supporting far-right candidates in GOP primary elections. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan tweeted in response that if president Biden is really serious about the threat to democracy, he should be adamant about the millions of Democratic groups that have invested money in supporting extremists that threaten democracy. In the end, they are hoping that Democrats are able to win. That's the reason they're spending all the money.

However, should the president make a statement against the members of his party who have supported these so-called extreme candidates?

Bottoms: I believe that the thing that the president will keep doing will be to encourage people to decide on their own regardless of what their conscience may be. What the president will keep doing, which is exactly what we saw him do this week: remind people of our identity as a nation and what we are as a country. 

RADDATZ Do you think he supports it? Do you think he supports those candidates who are extreme?

Bottoms: I am not able to comment on what the president's views are. I can only speak about the statements he's made publicly. And what he's said to the public, is that ours is a country which values the rule of law, that we're a unifying nation, we are a nation that believes in the peaceful transition of power. And this MAGA agenda is unfit for purpose in our democratic society.

This is an excuse to duck out of the question.

During the panel, Raddatz returned to the issue in the form of a question to USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page about the question. The question is the financing of extreme candidates by Democrats. What is the cost to them and do they need Biden to be vocal and say “wait for a second?”

This is what was said:

That's right, the Democrats hope that if they finance these extreme candidates, they'll compete with those extreme candidates, and they'll be successful. However, the appearance isn't very appealing.

Page said that, and Raddatz agreed that both Bottoms in her non-answer as well as the expression she gave Raddatz revealed that she did not want to answer questions such as this. It's likely that she believed she was playing the game in a show like “This Week,” full of softball questions she's ready to hit off the field.

Then Page was able to discuss the implications of Democrats not answering the question, including the party's leader, Joe Biden:

The issue was that she didn't support this method of trying to promote an extreme contender from the other side, in hope of having a simpler general election. But the problem is that there are times when the opposing candidate could be elected. In addition, you may have helped the office of an opponent.

It also gives up the top spot. The Democrats have done it in some cases and ceded the high ground in the political arena. I'd like to see President Biden respond to a question directly on this.

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