Adam Kinzinger Has Finally Bitten Off More Than He Can Chew

Fresh off accusing former President Donald Trump and other Americans critical of federal government overreach of being “un-American” simply because they're opposed to politically-motivated DOJ-approved witch hunts against former presidents, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) has moved on to his next target.

Sunday “X Strategies, LLC” CEO Alex Bruesewitz, a private citizen, took the liberty to condemn Kinzinger through Twitter for the “un-American” accusation toward millions of Americans in a tweet, blaming him for his double standards.

“You have praised Joe Biden for calling 75 million Americans “enemies of the state' yet you're a bit furious because Trump condemned the corrupt and totally weaponized FBI and DOJ? Adam Kinzinger, you have issues,” Bruesewitz wrote.

As usual, Kinzinger, who has used his participation in the January 6 Select House Committee in order to attack his political opponents, Kinzinger did not react to the allegations (probably because he is aware that it's real). Instead, he sought to alter the subject through accusing Bruesewitz of being a fraudster on behalf of his U.S. government.

“Alex, did you pay back your PPP loan despite having no employees?” Kinzinger replied.

In a tweet that followed, Kinzinger pretended to have “the receipts”:

However, the problem is that the claim is not the truth. Bruesewitz and his attorney sported their own receipts to refute Kinzinger and even cease and desist order.

In Clark's cease and desist letter to Kinzinger, he noted in page one and three that Kinzinger's purported Republican Representative “deceptively edited” information he obtained from ProPublica's website. ProPublica website – which was, oddly enough, no longer in existence – and then cut the area where it stated the fact that X Strategies had two employees at the time of the PPP loan request. Screen Grabs of both Bruesewitz and Clark reveal what Kinzinger tweeted (that removed the information about employees) and what ProPublica's website used to have on their X Strategies page before the page disappeared.

Furthermore, Clark pointed out on page four that on a different publicly accessible page of PPP loan information which includes sources such as the U.S. Office of Personnel Management as the originator, the page clearly lists “jobs retained” information as “two” at the time of the loan approval in April that, per the PPP terms, was canceled, including accrued interest.

In addition to all of this, Clark claims that Kinzinger, whom he believes was acting using “actual malice,” did actually have knowledge of the fact that X Strategies had employees considering that he had interacted with them on occasions via Twitter.

As Bruesewitz mentioned in the previous paragraph, Kinzinger has been given five days to retract his tweet and offer an apology in writing before legal action could be initiated. As of the moment, Kinzinger has not responded to the tweet, and it is still active.

If anyone is wondering what X Strategies is doing, it exists to “promote, advocate for, and help elect” MAGA Republicans, which is the one that president Biden has been calling out in scathing attacks in the context of his campaign strategy. Kinzinger has responded with his reaction to Bruesewitz's criticisms in the beginning and the claim that Trump supporters are “un-American,” has also unfairly been criticized for because, under the current administration and its supporters, the”wrong thinking” is not tolerated.

It is not overlooked by anyone that Kinzinger likes to boast on his army service as a defense of American ideals, or anything else, is using his enormous power to attempt to disarm private citizens who do not agree with him, and also to discredit others who are exercising their constitutional rights to critique government institutions such as DOJ and the FBI. If this isn't the final proof of what Adam Kinzinger's character truly is, I'm not sure what else there needs to be.

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