Adam Kinzinger Is Disappointed Again

I am sorry to let you know that Adam Kinzinger is disappointed in you once again. I know it's difficult to take and is likely to leave you devastated; however, the other Republican who sits on the 6th January committee, the one even liberals hate, demands restitution for your transgressions.

Kinzinger's latest fainting episode was caused by, none other than the president's latest rally talk at the state of Pennsylvania. Do you think the ex-president was trying to portray half of the nation as fascists that represent danger to the nation? No, that wasn't Joe Biden. More importantly, Trump made the unthinkable shocking, disgusting, and grotesque move of…criticizing his critics, the FBI as well as the DOJ.

After hearing about the comment, Kinzinger immediately grabbed his smelling salts and went on social media to make it public that not just Trump was in fact “un-American,” but so was anyone else who did not directly denounce his comments.

The first indication that Kinzinger is morally able to issue this claim is evident on his Twitter account. Do you see that Ukrainian flag? Be assured that anyone who wears one of these flags has the moral highest ground in any circumstance. Kinzinger takes it one step further, however, by placing his Ukraine flag prior to the American flag to ensure that you can be sure the man is righteous and moral.

However, despite his impressive credentials, I'm forced to disapprove of the man who cried in an House hearing and believes MSNBC strikes as the pinnacle of thought. In spite of his claims, Republicans don't have to criticize Trump for his zealous decision to attack the DOJ as well as the FBI.

Why? Because in America you are not “un-American” at all to critique an administration of the Federal government. Indeed, one of the most unethical actions one could take is to demonstrate a complete loyalty to the government. It is a fundamentally American ideal. Kinzinger is the ignorant self-indulgent and self-centered individual who appears to be of the opinion that the loyalty of a nation is contingent on applauding the FBI. I'd say that's ridiculous talk.

Kinzinger's demands are more sinister than that. It's a result of resentment towards his fellow citizens, nearly none of whom have committed any wrongdoing. He is determined to bring them to the ground because of nothing more aside from the fact that he voted in a different way than he'd prefer. The people who were there weren't at the Capitol on January 6. They pulled the handle in favor of Trump rather than Biden and Kinzinger. It is an absolute crime that is unforgivable. The culprits must be punished.

That's not American, is it?

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