Amazing Ad from Citizens for Sanity

A new campaign by Citizens for Sanity is a fantastic way to get voters to cast their ballots and also make people aware of the fact that the extreme left's, soft-on-crime policies have been causing chaos in our communities.

District Attorneys with a pro-crime agenda including George Gascon and Alvin Bragg, not securing punishment for criminals, permitting them to leave jail earlier than the sentence is due, is a major factor that caused the escalating crime and the daily chaos. Politicians such as Cori Bush (D-MO), and Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and others demanded the elimination of the police, while they paid millions of dollars in security services. This has resulted in police insecurity on the streets. Politicians can evade any way they wish however the reality is people are feeling at risk. There's the only way for citizens to feel secure and secure: keep criminals in prison and ensure they are held responsible for the crime(s) and put them in jail until they are sentenced.

The advertisement states:

“You've seen the pictures. Criminals who are hardened, raging in fear of punishment… Absolutely no fear of consequence whatsoever. Instead, you are forced to live your life in terror.”

It calls for people to “stop the war on police. Stop the far-left-led assault on the public's security. Stop the left's radical fascination with criminals.”

The ad goes on to say “Unfortunately, this competition was over before it even began,” warning “Biden and his radical allies.” The ad says: “Woke left-wing politicians are destroying girls' sports.”

It's a great advertisement; everyone should see it and share it to reinforce the importance of registering to vote seriously and to vote out all radical leftists.

Ian Prior, Citizens for Sanity strategic consultant, told the Daily Caller:

“Woke and far-left policies that are soft on crime along with politicians are causing a tsunami of assault, rape, and murders in America. Citizens for Sanity is determined to inform Americans about the incredibly violent and deadly results of the progressive woke agenda that is sweeping our nation and its leadership.”

Prior to launching the ad, he stated:

“The awakening belief system of the white liberals who are sheltered is a serious threat to American security, liberty, and prosperity. Citizens for Sanity is not an ideology-driven organization. We are a force of reason, common sense, objectivity, equality, the law's neutrality, as well as open research — everything the left-wing radicals are uncompromisingly against. We're employing these messages to warn Americans of the need to defy and repudiate the woke insanity before it decimates America.”

Children, seniors and women as well as every American should be able to feel secure. Anyone who values safety should choose to vote for tough-on-crime DAs, Attorney Generals, and lawmakers who would support and fund the police.

Law and order needs to be reinstated.

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