Anger Follows Decision in Trump Raid Case

The judge in charge of the case of the FBI's Mara-Lago raid took the officially-approved decision to designate an expert to look over the documents taken. This was after she retracted a preliminary notice which stated that she would make the appointment by the close of August.

The DOJ's arguments afterward were not convincing, and they'll have to suspend their investigation as the investigation unfolds. The judge discovered numerous instances of private information getting through the filter team of the government and the revelations that the tax returns and medical records were obtained only added evidence to proceed with the creation of a special master.

In addition to what the judge stated in her ruling, what could the decision do? Special masters will hold an access card for security and won't leak to the media about the findings they've made. Is too much transparency negative?

Since the outcome was favorable to Trump, this meant that the left was plunged into an apoplectic fury.

It's great to have the knowledge that criticizing judges can be done again? I'm old enough to remember the days when it was considered a risk against “democracy” to suggest a judge's decision in a particular way could be biased and was grounds for dismissal. But, the calls for impeachment have already been made. It appears that this judge, according to “experts” on the left, has taken over the supreme executive power of the DOJ to do whatever will against its political opponents.

Ornstein, the lawyer who has been described as an “emeritus scholar” and editor at The Atlantic (lol), has also claimed that the judge was guilty in the document dispute of “obstruction of justice.” The judge who is in charge of the document dispute is blocking justice in her own court by having a special judge review the documents to make sure that proper privilege was followed. It's so ridiculous it hurts.

There is Andrew Wiessmann, who headed up the Robert Mueller investigation, gnashing his teeth, but he did not provide a rational reason for why having a designated master is bad.

Weissmann is a perfect illustration of the degree of bias and corruption that existed in the DOJ under Donald Trump and continues to remain in the present by the personnel in the department. They believe that they are above the law to the point that they'll criticize a judge for delivering what's ultimately a simple decision. Furthermore, is Weissmann really correct? Did the warrant for search allow the confiscation of medical records and tax documents? That seems questionable.

The rants of the left suggest that due process is not respected when dealing with the shady orange man. He isn't allowed to file a motion to get it approved. Actually, it could indicate that it's in the judge's pockets and needs the right to remove him from his office.

This is how crazy the far-left has become. For all the talk of being in support of “democracy,” there is nothing that they don't want to destroy in the event that it serves some of their political agendas. This ought to give Americans who are watching this show a lot of anxiety. Are these the types of people you'd like to see to be in charge? 

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