Biden Fails in Labor Day Talks in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania

Joe Biden keeps digging himself and colleagues Democrats a deep hole with his constant attacks on the millions of Americans who believe America is wonderful. It's not an easy idea for Joe and those from the Left who have grown accustomed to hate America. However, it's not going down with the majority of Americans who have embraced this approach.

Based on the Reuters poll at the close of the week, he has the lowest polling numbers in that poll, which is 38 percent approval. Also, he's just hit his lowest number with non-partisans, according to the YouGov survey. If he thinks that he's attracting anyone aside from rabid Democrats by using these absurd accusations, it's not working and could be harming his campaign.

However, it doesn't stop Biden from doing the same thing and lying about it while doing it. Biden has falsely claimed previously that police were murdered on the morning of Jan. 6. He also claimed that in his Monday speech at the state capitol in Wisconsin, “Police lost their lives because of the day's events. The MAGA Republicans as well as your senior senator claimed they were “a peaceful protest.”” This is of course false and is all about shaming MAGA people, because he is aware that the Democrats are on the verge of being eliminated in the midterm elections.

Biden was interrupted during the event by a man who called Biden an oaf. The sound of it was like security had taken away the man. However, what really impressed me was Biden's reply to the security guards' throwing him out of the building.

He struggled with his words, “We have to be more committed and stronger, and more committed to preserving American democracy than MAGA Republicans and the guy who snubbed”w”] “w”] out the door are [to] destroying democracy.” Not only did he not understand what he wanted to say, however, Biden believes that the act of protesting his position could be “destroying democracy.” That is just so narcissistic and authoritarian, not to mention his inability to grasp the fundamental rights of the Constitution. Biden doesn't even know the concept of a Constitutional Republic, but he isn't aware of the importance of freedom of speech as an essential right. He's not only accusing people of being a threat to their rights, they're not even allowed to oppose him doing it. He continues to make things worse by saying that protesters are today “anti-democracy.”

However, Biden could not be Biden If he didn't mix this narcissism and his signature incoherence. I believe he was trying to use the word “protect” here, but it was pronounced like “prect” or “pricked.”

In addition, he is trying to claim he is working to ” reduce the deficit.”

However, at the time of his remarks in Pittsburgh, the politician faced some issues. The audience was tiny. It seems like the last location anyone wanted to be at the time of the holiday was hearing Joe Biden except for the union workers who were instructed to be there.

He claimed the reason he ran was for the purpose of returning the “soul of the nation” and that it was somehow in danger and he was able to somehow save it.

What pretentiousness to talk of “decency” “honor” and giving people respect even when he has lied so much and has taken a million Americans with such disrespect that no one in office has ever before.

As he spoke of “decency” and “honor,” the man lied about his participation in the Civil Rights Movement.

He disproved that claim after he was convicted of it many years ago.

He then was confused as to the exact thing he needed to do at the close of his comments, “Where am I going?”

In the hope of being fully examined by the righteous red wave that will be spotted in November, that's the way you're headed. The path off the stage was obvious but he was unable to locate it without assistance. This is the extent of a Festival of Fail.

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