Chile Rejects Progressive Paradise

A utopian idea of progressive change was put on the ballot in Chile when Chileans took to the ballot box to decide on whether they would adopt the constitution that was drafted recently or not. The initiative was backed by Bernie Sanders, along with other Americans, and was seen as a case study to test the concept of granting the far-left “rights.”

Chileans have different opinions, however. They firmly opposed the constitution's changes and sent a clear message to the world that they don't want their country transformed into Venezuela in the hopes of making some that reside within New York City happy.

The Chilean President, Guillermo Teiller, is part of the communist party. There was some doubt that he'd be successful in getting the newly revised constitution passed. The voters, as schizophrenic as they may be, did not leave any doubt on the outcome, even though. It was not close, and now Partler will have to go back to the drawing board, wounded from a loss that seems to have invigorated his opponents.

Oddly enough, as Chileans were celebrating, those living in America were angry with the outcome. The New York Times put out numerous headlines criticizing the inability to pass an “left-leaning” constitution that would have provided “rights” like universal healthcare as well as abortion.

The journalists at the Times are almost certain to never visit Chile during their lives, and yet they'd witness a country transformed into a nightmare of dystopian proportions if they were to see nothing more than a useless “guarantee” of healthcare and abortions were pushed ahead. Why? Because this is exactly what they'd like to see within the United States with no care for the results that actually result from these policies.

Contrary to delusional rants of Sanders and the Times, there is no free lunch in the entire world. It is impossible for any nation to transform everything into a “right,” including services which must be provided by other people in order to remain in existence. The bottom line is that autonomy and freedom should be the best part of a community or you'll end in financial ruin either through dictatorship or both.

At least for a short time there is a sense of sanity in South America. The length of time it will last is uncertain, but it is a blow to the worldwide progressive movement. But this isn't necessarily an end to the story and certainly not by a longshot. The people who believe that they're the only ones who can totally control the lives of others will never give up on their pursuit of control.

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