CNN Is Attempting to Report News Without Bias

Recently, CNN anchors and correspondents have been tweeting their true opinions on Joe Biden, Hunter, and the Biden administration, but there are many who are unhappy with the direction CNN is taking. As Chris Licht took over as CNN's new CEO, his mission was to get CNN into the middle on the spectrum of political opinion, and ensure that it was the primary news channel once more.

No matter if you're a big lover of CNN or not, CNN needs to get back to how things were before-straight news and inform the general public about the significant events that happened. On Twitter over the past few days, we've been seeing people posting that they would not watch CNN and instead follow MSNBC after the dismissal of Brian Stelter and John Harwood, even though MSNBC is the most partisan and biased it gets. The major distinction between CNN and MSNBC at present is that CNN seeks to draw attention to both sides. They have seen people work for the Trump administration campaign, as well as politicians such as Ted Cruz, although partisan anchors such as Don Lemon and Jim Acosta remain on the network. For MSNBC you will not see any of those. Only Republicans they mention are those they support as well as their supporters, the “Never Trumpers.”

It's great that Licht was named CEO and the future for CNN is more objective and bipartisan. However, they appear to be in the midst of criticism following Brianna Keilar, and Jeff Zeleny pointed out that Biden should not use the Marines as well as their Marine Band during a political speech.

Recently, CNN correspondent Sara Sidner tweeted that Hunter Biden's commercial deals “shouldn't be a partisan issue.”

She tweeted a thread. The beginning of the tweet read:

“There are some serious questions to be asked about Hunter Biden. He isn't an elected official, but legitimate questions must be raised and answered regarding his previous commercial dealings and how they were dealt with in the FBI. This shouldn't be a political matter.”

She's correct. There is no reason why corruption of any elected official, or family member(s) should be considered partisan. However, the tweet of Sidner caused #BoycottCNN to become a trending topic on Twitter.

In other words, CNN is taking steps to return to the traditional news, and not try to please any side on the spectrum of political opinion. This is how it is supposed to be. People who say they'll only follow MSNBC are absolutely true however, they don't realize reality. At the very least, Fox News brings on Democrats to argue their case and they also bring in people that are from the Biden administration and their most popular programme “The Five” always features the presence of a Democrat and is always an engaging debate and discussion.

It may take some time to allow CNN to recover and increase its reach. However, it's essential for CNN to return to being the credible news organization they were in the past. Licht isn't proving to be popular with a lot of people. Some are dissatisfied with how CNN is taking it, which is why we can tell Licht is doing things right.

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