It’s a Good Thing America is NOT a Democracy

We've have heard Joe Biden and congressional Democrats in a hyperbolic rant about the threat towards “our Democracy,” 99 times out of 100, in the context of Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans” and the other time, they've been frightened about “the existential threat to mankind,” which is “climate change”.

Should we tell them? Or let them keep making fools of themselves?

Let's be clear: When Democrats refer to “democracy,” they mean Democrat rule. They mean Americans must think as they're instructed to think and believe what they're instructed to, and perform the things they're instructed to do by the so-called “progressive” Democrats. Furthermore, they claim that it's true that the Republican Party is the most untruthful group of people in the world and their hypocrisy is without limits — however, we'll discuss this in a minute.

The Founding Father John Adams was very clear about his dislike for democratic forms of government. In the December 1814 correspondence addressed to John Taylor, one of the foremost American philosophical thinkers from the liberal-agrarian social movement, commonly referred to by the name of Jeffersonian democratic government, Adams wrote:

Remember, Democracy never lasts long. It eventually exhausts itself and kills itself. There was never any Democracy in the past that didn't commit suicide. It is futile to claim that Democracy isn't as vain, less proud, self-centered, less ambitious, or less reckless in comparison to Aristocracy or Monarchy. This is not the case in the real world and it is never seen in the history of mankind.

Alexander Hamilton wisely proclaimed:

Real liberty is not located in despotism, nor in democratic extremes, instead, it's found in moderate government. If you want to create a strong republican state you should be able to operate within the limits of another government. If offices are accessible to all citizens and no constitutional rank can be established, it's pure republicanism. If we lean too much toward the idea of democracy, we'll soon be a monarchy.

Additionally, Thomas Jefferson, while not the creator of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, as some believe, spoke out his disdain for the system of democracy and also:

The republican is the sole type of government that is not perpetually in battle in secret or open war in which the rights of humanity are violated.

Jefferson acknowledged the “secret conflict that takes place in a democratic system and a struggle for control and power. It is waged across a wide variety of different political structures.” There's an explanation for why Plato declared that “dictatorship naturally emerges out of the democratic system.”

The Founding Fathers were clear in their criticism of pure democracy, which is the reason they searched for solutions that eventually led to what we call the constitutional republic..

The constitutional republic can be described as a kind of government that is a system of democratic voting, but the power of each individual is restricted by the existence of a constitution which safeguards certain rights. In constitutional republics, citizens choose their representatives. These individuals generally elect representatives to decide or pass laws. Constitutional law prevents representatives to make laws that violate rights of the people in specific regions.

That sentence is under greater threat within Joe Biden's America than at any other point in recent history. But Biden constantly deceives his audience about Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans,” like Biden did in Thursday evening's Darth Brandon speech: “Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans are a threat to the very soul of this country.” Joe Biden is an unrepentant scumbag, America — but you knew that already.

As opined by Daily Signal columnist Jarrett Stepman in his piece from August entitled, Here's Why We Aren’t — and Never Will Be a True Democracy, there's “a strange assumption from some that democracy simply means ‘good things I like.' Therefore, ‘more' democracy — however that is defined — is inherently better than less.”

This is why it's absurd to think of the use of “democratic” in front of socialism in order to make it appear as something different from the ideology that failed to live up to what it is. The use of “democratic” in front of socialism doesn't change the socialism that we live in any more palatable than putting “democratic” in front of fascism.

In the end, fascism and socialism were mainly democratic manifestations of the public will, that is, the “general will,” as French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau says. However, these ideologies of political power that are taken to their logical extent–and eventually leading to the loss of individual rights and the enactment of checks on power, can lead to dictatorship. Socialism in Venezuela was born democratically at the very least.

Oops. Joe Biden was unavailable for comments.

One of the most striking instances of left-wing idiocy in the ultra-stupid argument [search at it, you'll like it] “democracy” can be described in just three words, with two of them hyphenated. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. As reported by Stepman, AOC, the famous expert in all matters worth knowing, confronted fellow congressman Republican Dan Crenshaw of Texas on the subject of democracy, and following Crenshaw stated in Twitter his belief that it the Electoral College prevents pure democracy and it's a good thing, in response to a previous remarks of AOC: 

I've seen that Fox News is big mad about abolishing the electoral colleges. So let's discuss the issue. 1.) In the event that the GOP was the “silent majority” they claim they wouldn't be as terrified of the possibility of a popular vote. They know they're not the majority. They are relying on minorities to gain supremacy.

Naturally, Crenshaw drove the hanging curve across the wall in right field by about a mile.

The removal of the electoral college means that politicians can only run for office and campaign in (and pay attention to) urban regions. This is not an electoral democracy.

We are a republic, which means 51 percent of people don't have to be bossed by the remaining 49 percent.

Absolutely correct.

However, AOC is a shrewd woman with an amazing propensity to make statements that are even dumber when confronted about something she's already has said, replied:

Now, it's official. Republicans are now saying it isn't true that the US isn't (and shouldn't be) the only democracy in the world.

That's what they believe. From lobbyists drafting their bills, to abusing our rights as citizens. The GOP seeks to kill democracy.

In the real world, we need to increase it.


It is here, America, the place where Joe Biden and the Democrats remain stuck in the mud with their own lies and disingenuousness.

As for the hypocrisy of the Democrat Party, which I previously suggested we'd eventually come to, let's look at the Electoral College to provide a great illustration. If the outcome of the 2016 presidential election had been switched to Hillary Clinton, with Trump taking the vote of the people and Hillary taking those Electoral College votes, wouldn't you think that the Democrats — and especially Hillary would have been screaming in delight about the defunct Electoral College and not encourage electing presidents by popular votes?

As the Founders might have predicted, in the event that America was an elected democracy, instead of an unconstitutional republic, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston each heavily Democrat will elect every president for the next few years.

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