New Clip Exposes January 6th Committee Member

It's difficult to choose the most enjoyable person on the January 6th committee. For pure hilarity, I'd recommend going for Adam Kinzinger. The guy is so awful that the other members aren't likely to admit his existence in public. Of course, Liz Cheney is in the debate, but she's slightly more clever in her denial of her beliefs.

However, as far as Democrats in the committee are concerned, it's easy: Jamie Raskin gets the cake.

Raskin clearly took a lesson from Adam Schiff's conduct in the sloppy and wasteful Robert Mueller investigation. He's spent the past year promising bombshell after bombshell that he and co-conspirators never provide. In the meantime, the man carries around an unearned sense of moral superiority which is rendered all the more absurd by his own personal history.

It's true that Raskin opposed the certification of the election in 2016 to prevent Donald Trump from assuming power. He has never apologized or changed the way he framed his actions. Instead, he's behaved as if they never occurred, and, certainly the news media has shown no desire to press on him regarding the matter.

In the meantime, certain right-wingers have attempted to claim that the actions of Raskin were different. It's true that he did not “deny” the election, they argue. He just objected to the election to the procedure, but without any intention of actually reversing the election results.

This is why a newly discovered video from 2003 put to light by the RNC was shocking. It's not only about the actions he took that he would later admit to in 2016, but rather an indication of his motives for the preceding decade.

The language used by Raskin in the clip isn't confusing. He openly accuses the 2000 elections of being stolen, a claim which he has since claimed to be the most grave of sins. “Election denial” has become an everyday phrase for the left, and the committee of January 6th frequently uses it to define the people they are openly hostile to and wish to be punished. However, here's a statement from one of the top members of the committee claiming the election of President George W. Bush was stolen and George as the “court-appointed president.”

He goes even further in delving into the mythical conspiratorial theory that votes were not counted in Florida. Votes were counted several times in Florida after the 2000 election. Gore was determined to get recounts to be conducted until he was successful but the courts eventually decided enough was enough.

What is the best way to reconcile this with the current rants of Raskin and extravagant statements? The answer is that you cannot make sense of it, and the representative won't be compelled to answer that question. In the meantime, Raskin will continue to make it appear that he's better than those who are worried regarding the 2020 presidential election, despite his previous claims that the previous two Republican presidents had a shady way of getting to their way into the White House.

The key point is that what these people say that they are fighting against is what they are in fact. The hypocrisy that underlies the January 6th committee is the foundation of the Democratic Party. Raskin and others initiated the pattern of denial of the results of elections long before any Republican even considered the notion. This constant deconstruction of our system developed over time into the distrust we are seeing today spread across all political spectrums. It wasn't always so, however the lack of accountability, as well as the efforts to alter the past, have only created further doubts.

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