Who Is Really a Facist? Biden Moves for Authoritative Rule

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre – who makes Jen Psaki look like Dana Perino — and Democratic National Committee Chair Jaime Harrison continue to pound the pavement on the dictatorial president's assault at Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans” as “semi-fascists,” it's time to put the tape down and ask a pertinent question: Who is the fascist in this instance?

Let's drop the “semi” part, Joe. We're all fascists. That is what you truly believe.

“Semi” was included by Biden's handlers as an attempt to make Biden's outrageous attack on an ex-president of the United States and half of America seem “less bad.” You are like the atheists who claim to be agnostics? Which means they don't need to confess that they're atheists? Yeah, that.

So, let's return to that crucial question.

It is the left as well as its media sock puppets that have been telling us repeatedly for at least six years about how Donald Trump and his loyalists are a “threat to democracy.” When they say “democracy,” Democrats mean Democrat rule without interference from the people with whom they do not agree with. Just one problem. In a RedState piece published on Sunday, entitled, Thank God that the U.S. Is Not a Democracy, the Constitution of the United States established a constitutional republic which is not a democracy specifically, and with certain security measures:

Constitutional republics are a kind of government where there is a vote for democracy, however, individuals' power is limited due to the constitution, which guarantees certain rights.

In a constitutional republic, the people elect representatives and they generally are able to vote on decisions or laws. Constitutional law means that it is impossible for legislators to pass laws that violate rights of the people in specific regions.

It is incumbent on conservatives to push the point home whenever they can, since Biden as well as the Democrats not only continue to claim Trump as well as “MAGA Republicans” of harboring racist goals, but it's their Democrat Party itself who seeks a supreme rule of a state that is one-party, one that has Democrats in the lead and everyone else strictly adhering to their top-down authority.

Veteran journalist Brit Hume, on Monday, praised the Wall Street Journal op-ed that reads, Biden's Speech Had It All Goes Backwards, in which American writer and essayist Lance Morrow convincingly argued that “Biden's Democrats seek a one-party state [while] Trump's followers want freedom from government power.”

Hume, being Hume and all, nailed Biden's words from the Darth Brandon address to draw attention to Morrow's piece:

Trump and his followers, believe it or not, are fundamentally antifascists. They wish for the state to resign and to avoid possible restrictions and let the market forces and entrepreneurial forces function.

As Morrow rightly observed, Joe got it all reversed.

In a way, ignoring Biden's declining mental state, he proved with a single speech that Republicans have known for a long time about Democrats as a whole: that the left regards as a government's control — the greater, the better Americans and the lives of their citizens as a magical cure for everything that is wrong with us, as well as entrepreneurialism along with free market capitalism as an primary source of America's problems.

Morrow's perspective — somewhat unusual considering the majority of his work has been written for Time magazine — was obvious from his first sentence: “The Democrats have the “fascist” business wrong. Donald Trump isn't a fascist or even a semifascist in President Biden's terms. Trump, as a man, is an opportunist.”

Morrow later turned up the heat:

“If there are fascists living in America today they're likely to be within the tribes of the left. They are Mr. Biden and his people (including the lion's share of the media), whose opinions have, since Jan. 6, 2021, hardened into absolute faith that any party or political belief system except their own is illegitimate–impermissible, inhuman, monstrous and (a nice touch) a threat to democracy.”

The evolution of their privileged feelings has led them in 2022 to adopt the Mussolini formula: “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” or against the political party.

The state as well as the Democratic Party must speak and behave as one, and suppress all opposition. America must adhere to the traditional wisdom and it being the Chinese finger-traps of diversity or else and open borders. They must also enjoy drag shows that are mandatory and other theaters of “gender.”

Meanwhile, their man in the White House invokes emergency powers to pay off student loans and their critics wonder if it's true that the Constitution as well as the separation of power are what they're made out to be.

Fantastic writing and an excellent argument.

If Trump as well as MAGA do not qualify as fascists What are they? Let's talk to Morrow for his surprising answer:

“Trump and his followers are, if you believe them, fundamentally anti fascists. They wish for the state to resign and impose the least possible intrusion, and to allow the forces of market and entrepreneurial energy to function. Freedom isn't fascism.”

The late Mr. Biden and his vast group of followers are basically opponents of freedom, even though the majority of them don't think about the issue. Freedom, which is the primary American worth, hasn't been in their minds. They want absolute power, that is, total government or party control over every aspect in American life, which includes what people think and say.

Seventy-four years have passed since George Orwell wrote 1984, the possibility of such control (through surveillance cameras, social media companies, and an Internal Revenue Service, now to be shockingly expanded by the addition of 87,000 employees) is totally possible. The left longs for authority and a dictatorial order. This is Faust's bargain. Freedom is sacrificed.

Morrow was, of course, right, and the racist and savage behavior of Biden as well as the Democrats is likely to shock nobody. It is true that the Democratic Party fancies itself as the party of tolerance and inclusion, but it is actually the opposite. Democrats are exclusionary of everything and everyone that isn't part of their narratives. They are not accepting of those that question the validity of their narratives.

What's the bottom line is:

One doesn't have to look further than the left's racial attitude towards Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, or any other conservative black man to see the proof. Also, the party that claims to represent the interests for “children” voted overwhelmingly in June to support abortions on demand until the birth. They also claim to be “the party of women” but they make naive assertions about not being capable of defining “woman” because they aren't “biologists,” while supporting genetic males to kick the heck out of genetic females playing female sports. The list of names is long. It's infuriating. It's ridiculously hypocritical.

What do you think happens, you know, when Joe Biden and the Democrats are able to call Donald Trump and MAGA “semi-fascists”? You have to be a little familiar with that one Joe.

In this instance, Biden projected on his “enemies” his own goals in politics.

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