Democrat Judge Teaming up with Leftists to Remove a Republican County Official from Office as an “Insurrectionist” 

A New Mexico judge has permanently barred Otero County Commissioner Couy Griffin from holding any state or federal positions due to an misdemeanor conviction of entering the Capitol grounds, but not the building, on the 6th of January. The judge decided that the incident was a part of an insurrection, as defined by the 14th Amendment, and as a result the judge ruled that Mr. Griffin was to be expelled from office immediately. It is obvious that to the judge Griffin is a Democrat, and Griffin is an avid Trump fan and a Republican.

This is all just ridiculous.

Griffin has been a target of the left for a while. They already tried to recall him for his involvement in the “insurrection” but couldn't.

The federal government demanded a three-month sentence for a violation of the Capitol grounds. The judge granted him 14 days. This judge should be impeached for being partial to the left.

Then an AstroTurf group and a compliant state judge have removed Griffin out of office.

A state judge can’t declare that an insurrection happened over two years ago when the government has not issued a statement of this kind. There were no federal troops deployed on the 6th of January which is an indication that a state of insurrection was not occurring. None of the of the J6 political prisoners are accused taking part to an insurrection. It isn’t likely that a state court judge could declare an insurrection in New Mexico, much less in Washington, DC. The government has the authority to determine that a state of insurrection is in place. However, no judge in any other jurisdiction has this power. A state judge can’t stop anyone from pursuing a federal office. To allow this “insurrection” gambit to work at the federal level, it is likely that the Supreme Court would have to conclude that a covert insurrection occurred on January 6 that the federal government did not recognize. This ruling makes one believe that it is a common ruling in a Democratic-controlled state, where law enforcement is employed to woo criminals and punish the political opposition.

The whole thing is pathetic. The motion to take Griffin out of his position was never initiated by the attorney general of the state, or anyone else in the government. Instead, a few radical progressives were enlisted through the continuously recurrent RICO violation, which is known as the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW). The fact that the case was ruled on indicates how much the decision was made in advance. Griffin decided to ignore the possibility of a negative ruling and defend himself. 

The longer this nonsense about January 6 is dragged out makes it clearer that the next Republican president's primary concern must be to hound the people who have been pushing this insurrection falsehood. I'm talking about each lower level FBI agent or Federal marshal who served the warrant on January 6 and all DOJ employees that were part of the January 6 trials must be removed from the job. Furthermore, GOP governors need to be equally ruthless in pursuing state officials who are keeping this kind of nonsense alive… like Brian Kemp. If we don't show that we are not willing to allow this kind of persecution, we'll be victims of it for the rest of our lives. One way we can stop it is to create a negative experience personally, professionally, and financially for everyone that was involved in it, however small.

Perhaps a public-interest legal group will file an appeal in Griffin's name, but it might not be able to reverse this decision.

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