Democrats Threaten if They Lose in November There Will be Civil War

Republicans tend to be extremists. This has been the main argument for a long time, supported by absurd positions like not willing to kill babies and protecting the border. It is scary to think about the possibilities of lower taxes and energy independence. Indeed, the GOP is a vile organization bent on destroying the entire nation.

Democrats, however, are wonderful. They are peaceful and sane and would never make a move to demand the demise of our judiciary if they don't get their way. They surely wouldn't declare war on the nation should they lose the November mid-term elections.

Or maybe they would.

It is hard not to be impressed by the complete hypocrisy shown by those who at the same time proclaim themselves to be advocates of democracy and morality. These are the same people who claim January was an insurrection and think Liz Cheney is going to save the nation. Kathy Griffin, infamous for showing a bloody fake Trump head, has declared that if her side fails to win, then war is inevitable.

Before all the “clarifications” start to flow (some have already removed their tweets on this subject) let's be clear regarding what's being discussed. The argument will probably be that Griffin was implying that Republicans were going to start the civil war, this isn't true. Why would Republicans begin a civil war after having won an election and regaining power? The message in Griffin's statement is evidently that you must give Democrats their way or they'll attack violently.

Is this threat really legitimate? Most of the time, those who shout the loudest about war aren't actually prepared to fight it. Griffin appears to be the kind of person who'd rather be at her computer, frantically tweeting while enlisting others to respond accordingly. She probably doesn’t have the following.

However, this incident demonstrates the reasons Democrats need to be defeated at the polls in November. If they win the midterm elections now, they will view themselves as invincible, having won the “permanent majority.” That outcome would be terrible for ordinary Americans. A defeat of the Democrat Party is what must happen if any progress is to be made of the damage that has been done.

In addition, who wouldn't want to watch the reaction to Republicans being back in control? It would be extreme to see.

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