John Fetterman’s Recent Public Appearance was Extremely Alarming

John Fetterman is appearing more in the news lately, even though there's no indication that his health is improving. After declining to participate in his first presidential debate against Mehmet Oz, the Democrat has not been as secretive about the consequences of his major stroke, believing that the media will keep proclaiming that the topic is not allowed.

However, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette broke that rule on Tuesday, asking whether Fetterman was mentally and physically fit enough to be a senator. The question is whether this will result in greater coverage by mainstream media of the issue. It clearly emphasizes how unfit for office he is. He posted a video on his website today that's evidence of this.

It is difficult translate the video. There's plenty that isn't clear in his words, but the main issue is the way he talks. It demonstrates that he's clearly not in good health. His comments were the following:

Please understand…the stakes in this race, send me to Washington DC, to send, so I can work with Senator Casey…and I can champion the union way of life in…Jersey…excuse me, in DC…thank you, thank you very much, and it’s an honor…I live 8 minutes away from here…and when I leave tonight I got…3 miles away Doctor Oz in his mansion in New Jersey…you’ve got a friend and you’ve got an ally, send me to Washington DC…thank you steelworkers.

He's clearly so obsessed with the New Jersey attack line that is prone to making mistakes and saying “Jersey” too early in his brief remarks. When he decides to drop the attack just a few seconds later, it doesn't make sense whatsoever. He quickly closes his speech as if he had reached the point where he could not talk any longer. The video in question is quite different from the comedic persona Fetterman has created on the Internet through his social media team.

The circumstances are so bad that it is painful to see his declined health status. It is extremely wrong that he is running for US Senate in this condition. Stroke patients usually plateau around three months after their recovery, and he’s well past that point. He is no better than he was three weeks ago. In fact, he could be worse.

The main point is that Fetterman's health concerns don’t appear temporary and therefore should be ignored. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that these issues should be at the forefront of people's minds when they vote. The idea of sending someone to Washington with these types of issues with their mental processing would be absurd.

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