Panic has Hit Georgia Democrats

When Stacey Abrams announced she would attempt to retake the office of governor in Georgia, Democrats across the country were thrilled. As with the failure of Beto O'Rourke’s career in Texas, Democrats love nothing more than a defiant loser and Abrams falls into that category.

After being smashed by more than 100,000 votes in 2018 by Brian Kemp, Abrams has been in the spotlight ever since. She even appeared on Star Trek to play the character in the role of the “President of Earth.” With all the positive press coverage and praises, she'd surely be the most likely candidate to beat Kemp, right? It is known that Georgia is a “blue” state.

Democrats are beginning to panic because Abrams continues to fall behind.

How poorly is she doing? Despite the numerous issues with polls that are biased toward Democrats she has not been leading in the polls. Kemp has remained on the top, and there's nothing to suggest that this race will change.

The reason is quite simple: Abrams is not a suitable candidate. She doesn’t have the skills to succeed in the race. Abrams is brash, boring, and dislikable. She ticks all the boxes for the far-left wine mothers who reside in New York, but not much more for the average person in Georgia. It's true that Atlanta is a Democrat area, but Atlanta doesn’t represent all of Georgia. She appeals to only a few outside her own circle.

Of course, she hasn’t learned from the past. As a result, Abrams and her supporters blame sexism for her problems.

Some of Ms. Abrams’s supporters say her struggles are more rooted in sexism than any strategic misstep. She is running in the Deep South for an office that has long been elusive to women and candidates of color. If she wins in November, she will be the first Black woman and only the third Black person in American history to occupy a governor’s mansion.

“The picture of leadership we have, Stacey is like the opposite,” said Steve Phillips, an early Abrams supporter and prominent progressive Democratic donor who attributed her polling deficiencies to “just sexism.” Ms. Abrams’s identity as a Black woman is “part of the depth of the enthusiasm for her but it also explains the depth of the resistance.”

This would come as a shock for Kay Ivey, who is the governor of the state of Alabama. However, Abrams always attempts to evade blame for her mistakes.

The situation isn't much better for Raphael Warnock, who has been seen trailing in most recent polls. Worse yet, his single argument, that Herschel Walker was not a debater, was scuttled on Wednesday, after both sides seemed to come to a common understanding on the issue.

Georgia was thought to be the only state in 2022 that was favorable to Democrats because of the changing demographics, even as other states retreated to their normal zones following 2020. This isn't happening. In reality, Georgia could see a significant shift towards Republicans that could see it in the spotlight in 2024. Putting Abrams on the ballot was a mistake, and Warnock's problems appear to be finally coming out. If they both lose in November, it will be a great moment for America.

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