Sex Education Book for “Good Parents” Advocates for Letting Children Watch

For those who are determined to be a good parent, there's a new guideline. It's doesn’t even require additional equipment.

A portion of the book by Ana Leblanc, Sex Education for 8-12 Year Olds: Kids Book for Good Parents was posted on Twitter on Thursday by Courage Is a Habit. According to the group's Twitter account the organization develops “tools & strategies for the average parent so they can defend their child from indoctrination in the K-12 system.”

“This is what sex education means now,” the article states. “The next time you meet someone that says ‘it’s just about safety/inclusion/empathy,’ show them this and watch them break their groomer spine trying to justify it.”

A chapter from the book is displayed, and it encourages parents to get over any doubts about sexually instructing their children.

It turns out that Show and Tell isn't just for classrooms; particularly the “show” part.

Have you ever wondered “how daddy and mommy do it”? Don't be a punish your kids because of the same unquenchable curiosity.

[W]hile the higher mysteries and deeper intimacies of sexual union should be reserved for later years, a child should be gradually introduced to the ordinary mechanics of lovemaking and allowed to enter into the parent’s circle of love; instead of being shut out completely and left to wonder how daddy and mommy do it.

What follows are “tips to get you started with educating your child about his/her sexuality”:

  • Couples can deliberately leave the bedroom door open or ajar while expressing intimacy.
  • Call upon your child to bring or take something away while you are expressing intimacy.
  • Take your child into bed with you and allow him or her (to) watch as you share intimacy.
  • A mother should feel relaxed breast-feeding her baby while her husband makes love to her.
  • A couple should have no inhibition having their child watch as they share intimate embrace.

It's all about intelligence.

If intelligently applied, these situations will create an atmosphere of love and openness that helps you to gently and lovingly pull your child (end of page)…

The Daily Wire reported the book was pulled from Amazon “following dozens of one-star reviews and comments from readers who were disturbed by the book's content.” The outlet provides the an archive of the product's page, which contains some of the reviews below:

  • “[The book] promotes children watching their parents having sex to learn. Completely not okay.”
  • “Inviting your 12-year-old child into bed to watch you having sex (whilst your wife breastfeeds….) isn’t my idea of sensible sex education. Like something from a Charles Manson support group.”
  • “This is disgusting. Makes me want to throw up to know what was written in this book.”
  • “This book encourages pedophilia! Ban this book Amazon!”

The book might have been removed, but the text isn't in contradiction with the direction in which society is heading. When it comes to sexuality, the notion of “appropriate” is radically changing.

The cases in question:

California State Senator Suggests ‘Drag 101’ Be a K-12 Curriculum Requirement

California Public Ed Teacher Training Includes Pansexuality and a Semen Exercise

Nebraska Eyes Teaching Kindergarteners Gender Identity While Eleven-Year-Olds Study Pansexuality and Demigenderism

Portland Schools Five-Year-Olds on ‘People With Penises,’ Tells Kids Their Families Are ‘LGBTQIA2S+’

Arizona Department of Education Invites 10-Year-Olds to Talk With Strangers Online About Their Sexual Identities

Institutions are hosting sexually charged drag shows for all ages. Statements of sexual preferences are being given at younger ages. Innocence is no longer widely celebrated as a defining characteristic or a virtue of childhood.

In spite of all the advancements, one unavoidable fact will remain—kids will always be disgusted by the thought of their parents having sex.

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