The Possibilities of the GOP Taking Back the Senate are Growing

There are indications that the Senate could be heading towards the Republicans in some crucial races, especially following Biden's student loan bailout announcement.

For Georgia, Herschel Walker has gained the lead in a few polls. Republican Blake Masters, who began the campaign far behind Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) in Arizona, is now just three points behind. Dr. Mehmet Oz is also showing to be higher in the polls that John Fetterman, especially as his health issues become more evident.

There's now more good information about a race heading towards the Republicans. This is Tedd Budd's run for the Senate in North Carolina. Budd is running for the Senate seat that has been held by Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), which is why it's crucial to keep the seat. Decision Desk has moved it from an “Toss Up” to “likely Republican.”

Budd has held the lead throughout the race, but is now extending his advantage, and that's the reason they changed the score up to “likely.” Budd has a 65.8 percent probability of beating Cheri Beasley, who has 34.2 percent. That was after a Trafalgar Group poll had Budd ahead by three.

Decision Desk still has the overall race for the Senate in a tense battle which is likely to be determined through the eight contests in Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Ohio. Although Decision Desk is saying all the races are in tight competition and still giving the edge to the Democrats, however the momentum seems to be in the direction of Republicans and the edge is diminishing.

It's only 61 days until the election. As we get nearer, we'll likely witness it getting better when people begin to think more critically and begin to add to the list things such as the bailout of student loans, inflation, and the Democrats’ “extreme” attitude towards crime and inciting against their opponents. That's probably a large part of the reason we're witnessing this increase in momentum.

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