DeSantis Feeling the Heat from Big Business Comments

As RedState stated last night, Ron DeSantis' speech at NatCon 2022 sent the left in a state of panic. Particularly, his statement of the fact that government officials were “wrong” about the efficacy of COVID-19's vaccines.

However, it wasn't just those on the left who reacted negatively to the governor's remarks. A few on the right, particularly those who fall into the libertarian-leaning mold, were furious at his remarks about large business. One author from the blog Reason posted a series of blog posts that were referenced in other publications to condemn DeSantis.

To be clear, the paraphrases above of DeSantis' remarks aren't 100% correct. The governor isn't simply declaring that large corporations don't belong to the private sector and therefore don't enjoy First Amendment rights. What he's referring too is the worrying trend of corporations being controlled through the Federal government (often via back-channel methods) to adopt actions to stifle rights that won't be able to gain the support of the public.

As opposed to the constant gnashing of teeth, it is in fact illegal. Private companies are not permitted to serve as a proxy to enact the policies of authorities of the Federal Government. Investigating the depths of this collusion is necessary and DeSantis isn't in the wrong or irrational position to consider it.

In other words, how convinced is a person to think that this latest move of large credit card firms is only a coincidence?

Do you know what it is called when private businesses are subjugated and controlled through the Federal government? It's known as fascism. As I've been told, the word fascism was negative. It's no more acceptable to have rights crushed by corporations that work together with Democrats as it is to allow rights to be smashed directly by the government.

Naturally, there's numerous others, like the collusion between the federal government and private companies to push mandates for vaccination. DeSantis spoke about that too and again drew criticism.

It's not what the “bake-the-cake-ers” make. The argument they present is that carve-outs to accommodate religious liberty are unlawful and discriminatory. These carve-outs are in fact legal. The idea of a Christian bakery that is willing to sell a cake to couple who are gay but refuse to go to the wedding due to religious reasons is not like an unconstitutional corporation requesting the status of a vaccine from people to gain access to a building. If the baker did not allow gay couples to walk through the building, it would be illegal.

To conclude, libertarians may be happy to make legalization of drugs their first goal, however DeSantis is aware of the time and knows the direction this will take. If that's not acceptable to libertarians I've got an idea: Vote for Libertarians.

To be clear, conservatives will not remain silent while wealthy corporations join forces with far-left politicians to establish a system that you cannot walk into a Wal-Mart without getting a vaccination that isn't affecting others (i.e. transmission). Also, we're not going to witness your Second Amendment rights crushed by credit card companies following their inspiration of Elizabeth Warren. If this isn't a good idea for libertarians then there are alternatives. You are free to choose them.

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