Guns Stolen from LA Mayoral Candidate’s Home

In a tale that by California standards of politics makes no logic, Democrat Congresswoman Karen Bass, who is currently running for the mayorship of Los Angeles, reported Saturday that a burglary had occurred at her home on Friday 9th September. But the only things that were taken were two guns which, according to Bass, were securely stored. Source: FOX News:

“Last night, I came home and discovered that my house had been broken into and burglarized,” the Bass campaign stated in the statement. “LAPD was called and I thank them for their assistance. It seems that only two guns, even though they were safe and well-securely stored, were stolen. Electronics, cash, and other valuables weren't. It's a bit frightening and unfortunately, is something all too many Angelenos have had to deal with.”

The Los Angeles Police department has yet to speak regarding the matter.

Bass's stance as a gun owner seems to be, at least at a certain point, contrary to her stated policy. From her website for her mayoral candidacy:

The pandemic has shattered long-running initiatives to reduce violence over the past 15 years. Los Angeles experienced nearly 400 shootings as a result of shootings in the year 2021. We need urgent intervention and lasting solutions to tackle the issue of gun violence.

Bass will provide programs for Angelenos at risk of becoming either victims or perpetrators of gun violence. They will provide non-law enforcement-led assistance – such as training for jobs and assistance with placement as well as assistance for the basic necessities like food, housing and transportation.

In another place on the website Bass says on the website:

Research suggests that those who have been harmed by crime want to do the most to make sure that they're not again harmed and nobody else is hurt. A significant majority of victims of crime prefer more fair prison sentences, as well as greater investment in rehabilitation, prevention of crime as well as education and schools as well as mental rehabilitation and health.

Los Angeles cannot arrest its way out of crime. The traditional approach of law enforcement has been to capture, adjudicate, punish, and apprehend -but Bass believes that this is a reactive strategy that places too much emphasis on the perpetrator's individual actions and does not focus enough on the underlying causes of the crime and violence. It's not the role of law enforcement to tackle the fundamental causes of violence and crime – it's the responsibility of community groups and experts with training could and should be provided the tools to accomplish that.

As we reported in this article in RedState on July 20, 2022. Bass remains a staunch fan of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon. Her policies are largely in line with Gascon's policies regarding mollifying criminals. Evidently, Bass's belief in the matter comes to an end when her home starts.

The incident raises a lot of questions. What is the reason why the thief, or thieves, didn’t take anything other than two guns? Which kind(s) of guns do they have? Which is Bass's definition of “safely and securely stored?” What was the method by which thieves or thieves sneak through these security measures? Did it seem evident that the gun's location was a place where firearms were stored?

The issue isn't over however, given the Los Angeles media's legendary curiosity gap whenever Democrat political figures are in the picture, we wish them luck in getting any additional details.

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