Report Shows Many Trump Allies Served with Subpoenas

Steve Bannon was indicted on Thursday for alleged violations related to his involvement in the “We Build the Wall” initiative by the New York Attorney General's office.

However, Bannon was on The Charlie Kirk show on Friday and made some troubling remarks regarding the efforts of the Biden FBI to target Trump allies. Bannon claimed that we learned in Biden's “demonic” anti-MAGA speech that it could be an “primal scream” of a “dying regime.” Bannon claimed that there were “35 FBI raids” on top MAGA and Trump allies.

Bannon declared that there was so much discussion about trying to create a bankrupt situation or take them off platforms and “Screw them,” Bannon declared. “I spit in their eyes.” It's an attempt to intimidate, Bannon said, with the financial terrorism of “lawfare.” But it's unclear who the people Bannon refers to here because there has been no actual reportage. He also claimed that there was a grand jury meeting on the issue of Jan. 6  and said that the FBI Gestapo was threatening them because they knew they would lose.

First Amendment attorney Harmeet Dhillon said she knew about some of these cases.

Dhillon appeared alongside Tucker Carlson. She stated that she received an inquiry from a reporter asking whether search warrants or subpoenas have been served to more than fifty individuals. Dhillon told Tucker Carlson that search warrants or subpoenas were served on three clients and one of them had their mobile phone seized. The subpoenas issued by the federal grand jury were wide-ranging, asking for all communications that occurred between October 2020, which is a month prior to the election, through two months following the election. The subpoenas sought information regarding registration, fraud during the election, alternative electors, any information connected to the rally, prior to and after the 6th of January. 6 riots and any communications relating to the Save America PAC. 

This is a shocking escalation of the Biden Administration. It's going to be very difficult to prove that this isn't a plan to snare and take down opposition politicians. This is completely out of hand and similar to Stalinist regimes who try to suppress any attempt to challenge their power. As Dhillon pointed out, the issue raises all kinds of First Amendment questions. Also, she noted how unconstitutional it is that the DOJ has been advising journalists about these warrants and subpoenas long before they're executed. She claimed that it was intended to create fear in people prior to an election that they won't be able to fight any decision. She claimed it was an abuse of the DOJ and claimed it was illegal for them to divulge the information.

“This will wreck the country,” Tucker declared.

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