The Dark Space Between Biden’s Ears

Last month, the incompetents who run the comms department for our president, who is a complete sham, thought the slogan “Dark Brandon” would be Joe Biden's most effective image. They decided to do that, despite knowing the fact that “Dark Brandon” has its roots within Chinese propaganda. They also used comms-clowns to incorporate Nazi images, without a suggestion of self-reflection.

Evidently, the comms team believed that Biden should be a full-on fascist. In September, the head of state, also known as the head of lettuce, was seen in the middle of Independence Hall, backlit with blood-red Nazi lighting. Biden made use of Marines as props for his political campaign as he blasted the airwaves with his fascist rant. The only way to “improve” it was if Biden had spoken with the same tone in his original German. This is “Dark Brandon” in full flower.

Biden is a demagogue who's dangerous with a mediocre intellect, but full of undeserved ego. In the cold winter months of his life, and in a state of dementia, Biden has become a furious old man shouting at clouds. It's quite obvious Joe enjoys his adorable cartoonish but still affluent picture that he calls “Dark Brandon.”

Biden loves his dark image so much, he has cosplayed the character for Jill.

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