Tiffany Smiley Expresses Anger After Journalists Fold

Much of the attention on the race to the Senate has been focused upon Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, but a new battle has been uncovered in Washington.

Democrat Patty Murray, who was previously believed to be secure, has now found herself in a tight race with Republican Tiffany Smiley. The only poll that isn't partisan for the current cycle shows Smiley losing by just three points and Murray has been running in fear for months, and has refused to even debate.

The Everett Herald, a local newspaper in the state of Arizona, was scheduled to host a debate on Zoom with the other candidates prior to when Murray decided to decline. Amazingly all the “journalists” involved bent the knee to accept the Democratic demand for separate interviews, including the identical sport Katie Hobbs is trying to play against Kari Lake in Arizona.

Smiley appeared for her turn at the “debate,” and she then went all out on Murray and the editorial board. 

The @EverettHerald requested the #MurrayCampaign and myself to hold an in-person, joint debate today.

Like she does every time, my opponent refused. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly the Herald accepted Murray's request for distinct Zoom interviews.

— Tiffany Smiley (@SmileyForWA) September 9 2022

I'll discuss the details of what Smiley has to say in a second. However, first, can we discuss how absurd it would be to hold such a thing on Zoom in the month of September 2022? What is the reason why you think that the Everett Herald does not do this in a live, open format? The decision to conduct the video call was based on COVID, then it reveals all you should be aware of about the newspaper that participated.

Whatever, Smiley came locked and loaded. She slammed Murray in a tirade, noting that Murray's Democrat party has been in power for the last 30 years, and the only thing Washington has gotten out of it is a controlled decline. Seattle is a raging fire in a once gorgeous city, where crime and homelessness are out of hand. Cost of living in Seattle has gone up and, as Smiley adds, the introduction of fentanyl over the frontier has hit her state with a hammer.

In a matter of moments, Smiley shifted gears. She began to talk about the way she was taught to respect journalism; however, she said that respect for journalists doesn't exist anymore. Here's a portion of her comments.

Smiley: The interview today was meant to be Patty Murray and me sitting in this room, side-by-side and answering questions, discussing the issues that affect our states and helping our citizens comprehend the decision that lies before them. However, Patty Murray bailed because she's scared to confront me, and is afraid of facing anyone who could expose the serious consequences of her inability to help the citizens of Washington.

You stepped up for her, embracing her demands, and changing the format to shield Patty Murray from any sort of adversity. However, since you don't hold Patty Murray accountable, I will.

The flamethrower continued to rage from there, slamming Murray for being a “do-nothing” politician who hides from her the people she represents. All the period those “journalists” involved sat there looking at their phones, not paying attention to what she said. The shaming of Murray will not ever alter the corporate media, since the people within it are not ashamed. The Everett Herald disgraced itself by the way it allowed Murray to determine the structure of this debate and turn them into separate conversations.

I'm not sure what will happen during this race, but I'd say Murray remains highly preferred. Smiley has proven herself as a fighter but she's also willing to expose the insanity whenever she sees it. Anyone who lives in Washington must consider whether they would like to see genuine change on matters that matter or if they'd like to take Murray on a return trip to DC to take another six-year break.

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