Trump Allies Have FBI on Doorsteps

We previously reported on the explosive story that several Trump allies were served with subpoenas or search warrants within the last few days. We have included a copy of what they're looking for in at least one subpoena. It was very wide in scope, looking for information concerning the verification of the election, as well as those related to the Save America PAC.

While we're still not certain of the precise number of people affected, certain names are beginning to come out.

William Russell wasn't home when two FBI agents visited his house on Wednesday morning, according to sources familiar with the incident.

Russell was employed within the Trump White House as a special assistant to the president as well as the director of advance deputy before moving to Florida to become an advisor to Trump after leaving his position in the White House.

Russell was also subpoenaed by a federal grand jury, which is looking into the matter on Jan. 6th, sources who are familiar with the investigation confirmed. The grand jury is seeking documents and other communications relating to the so-called fake slates of candidates which were circulated in several states to support Trump, the sources claimed.

The NY Times is saying they're aware that a dozen people, including Brian Jack, former White House director of the political branch under Trump as well as a major person, Stephen Miller, Trump's top speechwriter, as well as a senior policy adviser were served subpoenas. Jack is currently advisor to Trump and also to House Minority Chairman Kevin McCarthy.

Subpoenas were sent to a broad range of people who were either within the White House or on the Trump campaign, including high-ranking officials, such as the chief financial officer of the campaign and personal advisers to Trump, and the former chief of staff for Ivanka Trump who is the daughter of the president, who was one of his advisers to the president. 

The people who received subpoenas by the grand jury that sits in Washington are junior aides within the White House and Mr. Trump's 2020 campaign. The subpoenas sought details regarding Save America PAC, they also requested communications with a number of pro-Trump lawyers like Kenneth Chesebro — who was instrumental in the development of the electoral plan.

A number of subpoenas that focused on the fake electoral plan were issued to Republican lawmakers in state legislatures as well as state Republican officials who are allied to Trump. 

We have previously reported on subpoenas being served upon Republican Pennsylvania state legislators and taking phones of one representative of Congress, Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA).

The NY Times notes that Miller wasn't known to have played a role in the electoral plan or fund-raising initiatives. It's unclear the reason they're dropping a subpoena against Miller. Also, it's not certain what their legal basis is regarding the electors ‘ plan.

We'll likely hear other names of those who they racked up or served subpoenas for. It appears that, in the instance of this Trump incident, a large net was cast in search of anything that they could go after people. It's an extremely worrying thing that you consider that the Biden Administration appears to be targeting the ally of his former and perhaps future political adversaries.

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