FBI Arrives at Doorstep of Trump Supporter

We've been covering our efforts by the Federal law enforcement bureaucracy to pursue and harass Trump allies, with reports of FBI raids at the residences of supporters to serve search warrants and the DOJ issuing subpoenas for individuals.

One New Jersey woman, Lisa Gallagher, has revealed that the FBI came to her doorstep the morning following Joe Biden delivered his “anti-MAGA” speech. Gallagher isn't a “Trump ally” — she's just a normal person and a Trump fan. She was on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Monday to tell her story.

Gallagher claimed she was scared at the sight of federal agents at her door. She claimed that, even though she was aware that she did no wrong, she saw Biden's speech that prior night, so she believed that this was a political incident. She said that FBI agents informed her that they received an anonymous report that she was at the Capitol on the 6th of January. They were invited to her house and presented them with her calendars, which showed that she was not at the Capitol on the day.

If this is true, it's a scary fact. In the present, after 2 years of existence, the officials are required to be aware of any person who was involved in anything in the Capitol in January. 6. Do they really want to find people due to flimsy information from someone else? This is terrifying, not just because of the intimidation by the FBI, but also because anyone can now surrender anyone they dislike with this kind of blatantly false accusation. That's the kind of thing that occurs in both fascist and Communist countries.

Why aren’t Republicans telling all this to the public? The Republicans are silent on the reports of subpoenas as well as the raids. It's not even a “Trump ally,” but an ordinary person. They ought to be more worried about this type of thing. They seem to be very silent. They don't stop it simply by being quiet. It is stopped through asking questions or requesting answers. You can stop the process by shining bright light onto it.

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