Kari Lake Outperforms Opponent over Debate Controversy

Is Katie Hobbs the worst major candidate in this election period? My opinion is that she is. The ideal Karen was given an election victory during the Democratic primary despite the fact that there were more viable options. She's now struggling to make a dent in the race against Kari Lake in Arizona's gubernatorial contest.

You'd think that someone like Hobbs, who clearly requires a boost to her campaign, would be keen to debate and make positive headlines. Instead she's spent the past few months in fear in the belief that discussing Lake is a “circus.” Eventually, she decided to refuse.

In reaction, Lake has thoroughly outmaneuvered her, and she did it again this week when she accepted an invitation to debate, which will be a 30-minute, free campaign commercial.

Hobbs initially demanded an independent town hall style where she didn't have to stand in front of Lake. It's ironic that it's Lake, the Republican, who will be able to get that opportunity to address the citizens in Arizona with no interruptions for the duration of half an hour. Of course, the moderator will pose some difficult questions but, regardless, it's a clear victory for Lake.

The decision to ask for an extension of the time limit also put a knife in Hobbs. Lake appears to be gracious and accommodating, while the Democrat must continue to not give the public the opportunity to debate they deserve.

I'm sure Hobbs believed she was able to beat Lake in this contest and persuade the host to alter the way she presented it. Democrats are used to receiving the same kind of advantage. In this case it was true that the host remained his ground and did not offer anyone unfair advantages.

There were some who complained that Lake was getting exactly what Hobbs requested, i.e. a town hall-style, stand-alone interview. Even though it's true, Lake is only receiving it due to her decision to attend the debate. Hobbs not being present is a sign that she's not able to be on the stage by herself at any time.

As I said, I believe Hobbs is the most unpopular main contender in this election. Some people like to claim that Herschel Walker is the winner however, he's going to be a debater, and he's significantly more liked in the state of Georgia. A lot of his problems stem from misconceptions created by Beltway analysts who aren't aware of Georgia politics. With Hobbs, you're dealing with the stereotypical AWFL who can put out an “can I speak to the manager” style in all she does. Lake is blessed to have her back.

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