Trump Conspiracy Blows Up on the Left, But They Aren’t Done Yet

I previously wrote about the absurd conspiratorial theory which the Left was all in on Sunday.

They were able to see a video in which the president Donald Trump had flown into Dulles Airport on a private plane. Then, Trump is flying all across the country and has often been in D.C. However, that didn't stop the left from going off the rails by speculating. They believed that because he was wearing golf shoes (they believed) that he'd been detained and taken off the course and was in custody. There was no evidence to back any of the theories, however this didn't stop the wild speculation on Twitter. Shortly after, “Trump in D.C.” was trending.

However, as I pointed out, they didn't seem to care about the facts or that the reporter who took the video stated that Trump would likely visit and play golf at Sterling, Virginia. Of course, this was true, as the media reported it later.

It is possible that they'd come to their senses and realize how foolish they were in their shady schemes. But if you believed that way, you've not been paying attention to all the conspiracy theories they've been spinning which have proven to be untrue for the past four years. Every time they're proven wrong, they make up an entirely new story without admitting that the previous one was disproved.

So what can they cook up about Trump when they meet on a golf course? This is the same group who think Trump put documents in Ivana's remains in her coffin. That's the kind of crazy that certain leftists are becoming in their anti-Trump obsession. According to them, they believe there's a “secret meeting” between Trump and his “mob.”

This is “Duty to Warn” the group of “mental health professionals” who came together to “warn” about Trump.

Many even identified the people in the photo by their names: Sean Hannity, Devin Nunes, and House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy. None of them were present in the photo, except for in the imaginations of these individuals. This is just how out of touch they are now.

Even Yashar Ali was forced to alert people who went down this rabbit hole.

It was a conference that included Trump, Eric Trump (who is the head of the golf course at Trump golf) as well as golf officials on the course. This is why one of them is sporting stakes marked with orange flags -they're marking off an area at the club that requires changes or has utility. Why do they have to accept this easy and obvious explanation, instead of launching into their tales of conspiracy and plots? It's too common and boring to focus on.

This kind of thing must be slammed and ridiculed. It’s enough.

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