“Luv Guv” Cuomo Reacts with a Moral Complaint About NY AG Letitia James

This is amazing: scandalized Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who resigned when accused of sexual harassment in August 2021, has filed a State ethics suit Tuesday against Letitia James, the New York State attorney general, for professional misconduct and trying to provoke the public against him.

This should be interesting to watch.

Cuomo claims that James deliberately misled the public regarding the allegations of sexual assault against him and made use of her inquiry into his conduct to boost her political standing. He also states that even though the investigation did not yield sufficient evidence to indict him, James publicly implied that the accused was guilty. 

The best part of the suit is on page 3:

Fundamentally, the Attorney General and her investigators issued a purposefully inaccurate and misleading Report on August 3, 2021—which violated Rules 4.1 and 8.4(c)— bombastically and repeatedly implying that I sexually harassed eleven women, even though the allegations made by most of the eleven women did not constitute sexual harassment under state or federal law, even assuming arguendo [“for the sake of argument”] the truth of those allegations.

I'll say it again: “…the allegations made by most of the eleven women did not constitute sexual harassment…” The italics around “most” are part of the original document. In essence, he is saying: “Your honor, I'm innocent—I didn't commit most of the crimes I'm accused of.”

Cuomo fell from the top place in politics to the bottom in the most spectacular fashion. In 2020, Cuomo was widely regarded as ” America's governor” due to his skilled handling of the COVID crisis, his regular “humorous” appearances on CNN with his brother anchor Chris, and his $5 million book deal with the book that is hilariously titled American Crisis: Leadership Lessons about the COVID-19 Pandemic (a judge has recently decided that Cuomo could keep the cash regardless of the controversy).

The man was even considered to be a possible presidential candidate. Both women and men were photographed wearing shirts proclaiming to have the status of “Cuomosexual”—an identity that they're now ashamed of.

What a rapid change. His COVID response was not so amazing after all. Thousands suffered unnecessary deaths in nursing homes on his instructions, and it was alleged that he was giving false numbers regarding the COVID death count. The media critics suddenly came to the realization that being on television in a national show with your brother wasn't …. the news. The show was entertainment if anything.

The suit is the most recent Cuomo attempt to gain back his popularity, as The New York Times reported Tuesday:

The 48-page complaint marks the latest effort by Mr. Cuomo in his ongoing effort to salvage his reputation and lash back at his attackers after he resigned in disgrace amid multiple scandals and the threat of impeachment last year.

Two weeks ago, Mr. Cuomo emailed a Daily News opinion article to his supporters that raised questions about some of the claims made against him, and suggested that he may have been the victim of an excess of #MeToo movement zeal. Mr. Cuomo has also spent $60,000 in the last month promoting the article through Facebook ads aimed at reframing the narrative on the circumstances surrounding his resignation.

I believe it's just a little late to try to fix things, however people continue to pay Bill Clinton to give speeches. Cuomo's rival, Letitia James, is not perfect and views her work as a never-ending effort to defeat Donald Trump. Letitia James and Merrick Garland would be a good team.

I don’t feel bad for either of them. Neither is a sympathetic figure. Despite both of them being well-known for their self-confident personas, neither of them is guiltless. 

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