New Hampshire District 1 Republicans Voted for Karoline Leavitt Instead of GOP-E Candidate

In a crowded group of Republican candidates running for District 1 in New Hampshire's congressional seat, former assistant White House press secretary Karoline Leavitt was the primary winner against Matt Mowers, Decision Desk HQ reported.

Leavitt will be competing against Democrat incumbent Rep. Chris Pappas on November 8th.

Sea Coast Online reported on the race a month prior, on September 8, about the close race with a number of candidates:

The five Republicans running in the Sept. 13 primary present voters with the opportunity to nominate a conservative from the younger generation of the party in state Rep. Tim Baxter, former White House aide Karoline Leavitt or former U.S. State Department official Matt Mowers, who was the 2020 nominee for the CD 1 seat, losing to Pappas in the general election.

Also running is former journalist in Gail Huff Brown (wife of former U.S. senator and ambassador Scott Brown) and business owner Russell Prescott, who is a former state senator and executive councilor.

Cameron Arcand interviewed Huff Brown in September.

A lot of people in the Republican establishment had thrown their money and support to Matt Mowers, who worked as an adviser at the State Department in the Trump administration. Mowers was also the chief of staff for Dr. Deborah Birx prior to the pandemic and worked in former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's administration. Mowers was also a candidate against Rep. Chris Pappas in 2020, but lost by five points. Leavitt utilized Mowers’ credentials for her benefit, eventually linking Mowers with the controversial Birx and failed Christie.

Despite Leavitt's brash style, polls previously showed Mowers leading, but in the range of error.

Leavitt was also the former advisor of GOP House Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and received her unwavering endorsement along with the support of senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

Leavitt sat down with Tucker Carlson on Monday night and spoke about the smears she was facing from the GOP guard and Democrats who thought she'd appear weaker than NH Rep. Pappas.

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