Political Analyst Rips CNN Panelists for their Defense of Credit Card Company Tracking of Gun Purchases

We've all heard of the recent shake-up at the left-wing-oriented mouthpiece CNN who gleefully claims to be The Most trusted Name in News.

The formerly reliable “news” outlet's ratings have fallen off the rails in line with Joe Biden's. Recently, former CNN President Jeff Zucker was forced to leave the company, then CNN fired the former hosts Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter, and finally, the most recent firing of White House correspondent John Harwood. Naturally, the remaining leftists (and they're abundant and numerous) are in a state of panic, asking “who's next?” to be swiftly removed by the newly appointed CNN CEO and Chairman Chris Licht, who has promised to cleanse CNN completely of Democrat Party puppets.

Despite the fake news that CNN has intentionally developed into and the ever-growing fear that continues to grip the leftist hacks still there (Jake Tapper and Jim Acosta were hiding and were not available for comments), it is possible that The Most Trusted Name in News might soon see a light at the end the tunnel that isn't an oncoming train.

A glimpse of light was seen on Monday's show on CNN Tonight, during which CNN expert Scott Jennings absolutely dissented from the Democrat Party and the usual leftist panel for defense of the announcement that Visa, MasterCard, and American Express will begin tracking firearms purchases made using their credit card code systems. Since he is the only one who has any sense at CNN, Jennings knows how Orwellian this story is and educated the panelists.

The former Bill Clinton apologist and predictable CNN contributor Paul Begala, who once described Ivanka and Jared Trump as “cockroaches,” supported the decision of credit card companies that acquiesced to Democrats, as reported by NewsBusters because:

Corporate America responds to the market. And the market says they want this. Political markets are right now dysfunctional [because they have] the Supreme Court and the filibuster rule.

Can anyone explain the absurdity with even a bit of integrity, truth, or data to support it? And, “political markets”? “Political Marketing” is defined as “the process by which political candidates and ideas are directed at the voters in order to satisfy their political needs and thus gain their support for the candidate and ideas in question.” Political markets are inefficient according to what Begala declared but not for the reason he stated that it was.

When the Democrat Party fails to win through the legislative process, executive overreach by a Democrat president, or as in the dissolution of Roe V. Wade, the independent judiciary (pick any one of the above) is a cheater, disregards the law as it is, and/or tries to alter the rules. Two of these cases call for the demise of the Electoral College and packing the Supreme Court.

After Begala his embarrassing comments, Jennings destroyed him. He did it brilliantly and as transcribing in NewsBusters: “If Paul keeps saying out loud he’s not a socialist, they’re not going to let him into the next Democratic National Convention. That’s number one.”

Number two, here’s the deal. To me, this is the new left-wing way to get things done. The reason the government is not doing it is because the people who want this can’t convince the Congress to do it. [Since Democrats] can’t convince the Congress to pay off student debt, [they decide to] convince Joe Biden to break the law. You get mad about what the Supreme Court is or is [sic] going to do. Go riot out in front of their house.

This is the new way to do it. The politics of intimidation and bullying. And now they’ve bullied these credit card companies into doing this. And all we’re going to end up doing is fighting about what is a suspicious purchase and they’re going to end up inundating police precincts with thousands of pages of people like me who went to the gun range to shoot my .38 special.

We're talking about a CNN Political analyst here. Begala was smacked by the media.

On the opposite side, Texas Senator Ted Cruz cut the left with the precision a surgeon.

Imagine the reaction from the Left if credit card companies started separately tracking purchases of blue hair dye, pink hats, subscriptions to the Atlantic, nipple rings, and donations to BLM.

The conservative reporter Logan Hall correctly declared the notion that “open collusion between Democrats and credit card companies” is at the root of “restricting gun rights,” and that's why the Democrats have “no reason to pass laws if financial institutions carry out your agenda for you.”

Alongside major companies including Disney, Nike, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook and a host of others…

Joe Biden and the woke Democrat Party were unavailable for comments.

What's the bottom line is:

Collaboration among both the Democrat Party and woke corporations will continue as long as the most Americans continue to purchase the products or services of these corporations.

The end of the work day at corporate America is the most important thing. Money speaks. Profits are important. This is, unless companies such as CNN undermine credibility through being woke and helping the Democrat Party.

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