Tucker Uncovers FBI Just Raided Mike Lindell of My Pillow

Joe Biden's FBI is out of control, and the Republicans should make more noise and take action and do something in order to get this stopped. We're rapidly becoming a Stalinist state because of the way Biden's regime is operating.

Tucker Carlson just revealed that the FBI has raided Mike Lindell, the My Pillow guy. Lindell is a huge Trump fan.

They inquired concerning Colorado and Dominion voting machines and showed a warrant to take his cell phone. He initially said that he was not going to give it up since he operates all his companies from this phone and couldn't oversee his business without it.

The police didn't break into his house. He was on a hunting trip in Iowa and was heading back. He stopped at the Hardee's in Mankato, Minnesota. Then, they suddenly appeared out of nowhere. They had tracked him down.

It's getting insane lately. What kind of information do they believe that he is carrying? Or is it all about intimidating his supporters?

Earlier, the FBI arrived on the doorstep of a woman, who was an avid Trump fan, due to the “anonymous tip” that she was in the Capitol on January. 6. She was required to show the FBI that she was not at the Capitol by showing her calendars.

However, this is the place we are now, due to the Biden FBI's Stalinist strategy. Trump supporters— it's all out of hand.

Much of the activity targeting Trump allies appears to be focussed on the electors or contesting the results of the legitimacy of the election. The wide-ranging and overreaching nature of the information they requested to release can raise all kinds questions First and Fourth Amendment questions. It's an act of intimidation and a fishing mission. They're pursuing hundreds of people to get their personal information.

This is becoming extremely dangerous. Republicans must take action against this. Otherwise, no one will stand for them when this occurs to them.

It's also a sign of how worried the Democrats are to lose the midterm elections. They're doing everything they can to beat the odds. It's clear that the coming two months are likely to be quite wild. 

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