Biden Was Hopelessly Lost and Confused During Speech in Detroit

Joe Biden has been doing everything he can to make his record look good in the face of the devastating inflation that has hit Americans very hard. Biden even dared to organize a “celebration” of the passing of the Inflation Reduction Act. It wasn't a good idea, especially with the usual cringe-worthy instances. The worst part is that the Act will only cause things to get worse.

On Wednesday, Biden visited Detroit, Michigan, to visit the Detroit Auto Show to help promote the shift to electric vehicles with Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer. He's too busy to explore the border or tackle the problems that arise there, however he does have the ability to go to an automobile show.

It began in a strange way with Joe Biden holding hands with Whitmer and Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI), eyeing them.

Perhaps he was confused and assumed Whitmer was Jill. He's used to having Jill guide him around. Perhaps he was just being creepy. At least he wasn’t sniffing her in the picture.

He thanked Whitmer for the “inverdation” when he began his talk.

The person who vilified millions of Americans and then went on to declare there is “nothing we can’t do” if we “do it together.”

Of course, the president is referring to Democrats who are in agreement with his plan. Everybody else will be targeted for being in the way. Then he bragged about being the cause of massive growth in manufacturing and then appeared to lose himself in bizarre statements that he couldn’t figure out how to end.

Then Biden continued to tell absurd stories about the economy, saying that the American Rescue Plan that he adopted, which many believe to have exacerbated inflation, was the cause of an economic “resurgence.” He claimed, “Incomes were up.”

The truth is that real wages are falling due to inflation, and people are struggling to pay for things in this economy.

Biden also said great things about Whitmer for her use of the money from the government to take the right steps during the pandemic, keeping people employed and making sure schools were open. She actually was among the governors who did the most for keeping everything locked down, causing many to protest her actions. I'm not sure what he was referring to when he said that governors pocketed the funds. Reducing taxes through it is more effective than the other issues that Democratic leaders spent their money on.

As always, he ended his remarks by becoming confused as to where he was supposed to go afterward. Naturally, he was headed in the wrong direction.

He was required to walk up the same set of steps to reach the stage. In the short time required to give his speech, he seemed to have lost track of exactly where they were.

What a perfect metaphor to describe his time in the office.

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