Hunter Biden Wants Child Support Payments to be Cut Due to a “Material Change” in Income

Hunter Biden wants his child support payments for his daughter to be reduced due to the fact that he's no longer making the amount of money he was previously. It's hard when you aren't able to make money off the name of your father as you did in the past.

President Joe Biden’s son filed a motion Monday in an Arkansas court to alter the amount of his monthly payments in light of “financial circumstances, including but not limited to his income.” Due to the changes, Biden's current calculations for child support “is not in compliance with ‘Revised Administrative Order 10,'” the claimant stated in the application. (Administrative Order 10 defines the state's guidelines for child support.)

The scandalous son of the supreme leader of the world impregnated ex-stripper Lunden Roberts around four or five years ago. Then, he denied that he was the father. Then, he was forced into admitting the truth when Roberts filed a paternity lawsuit in 2019. He had to undergo an DNA test, and it was revealed that he was indeed the father in the end. Of course, he hasn't ever met the child, and Granddad Joe has not yet acknowledged the presence of his descendant, despite regularly talking about his grandchildren.

(As Bonchie points out, the president is frequently not certain the number of grandchildren he's got. He has seven, but Hunter's most recent child isn’t mentioned.)

This week, Roberts attorney Clint Lancaster claimed that the child, who is four years old, is doing great:

She’s a happy, healthy, beautiful little girl that looks like a cross between her mother with some Biden splashed in. [She] does extremely well except for the fact that her father has nothing to do with her and her grandfather has nothing to do with her. She’s never met either one.

Biden Family’s values are evident.

In an interview with the Northwest Arkansas Gazette, Lancaster was uncertain about Hunter's abrupt poverty. He pledged to look deeper:

Ultimately, this is going to require us to look deeply, more deeply, into Hunter’s finances. I’m going to want to have a deposition with Mr. Biden. Like last time, I’m going to bring my forensic accountant to the deposition, unless the judge tells me I can’t.

Hopefully Clint will bring his expert forensic accountant! The investigation into Hunter's finances will be thrilling and will reveal all kinds of details concerning Biden family corruption and payments made to “the Big Guy.” The troubled financier has been the subject of federal scrutiny for tax fraud, among other things, from the moment his laptop was found. The investigations are always in their “critical stage,” however he is never arrested even though there is a wealth of evidence suggesting he made money from his father’s power.

Today, the judge decided inexplicably that the general public has no right to learn anything about the trial that Hunter was accused of lying on an investigation into a background check to purchase a gun, which is an offence that is considered a felony. The judge pointed out Hunter's privacy rights and even referenced his incredibly shady “Beautiful Things” autobiography from 2021. Does Hunter  seem to be treated differently than other people?

Biden's claim that he is poor is even more difficult to take in when he recently declared he was an “artist” and somehow got people to pay 75,000 for his messy artwork. In 2000, he was renting a mansion at $12,000 a month in the Hollywood Hills and was driving the Porsche Panamera.

Hunter Biden’s story has been at times infuriating, tragic, and disgusting (especially since we've watched how the Justice Department and media defend him repeatedly). But what's often overlooked is the human cost and that’s not referencing Hunter. I don't have any sympathy for the sleazeball. It's the young girl who will never be able to meet her father and isn't even acknowledged by her grandpa.

As a family man, the president has completely fallen short.

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