NBC News Tries to Get Disturbing Fetterman Videos Censored

As if it was a planned development, it appears that the media is trying to protect John Fetterman. NBC News is leading the way this time.

RedState announced on Wednesday that the Democrat senator from Pennsylvania agreed, finally, to a debate. However, it won't take place until the 25th. The debate will include a variety of provisions for Fetterman and will last for 60 minutes. Mehmet Oz continues to call for an early debate which doesn't take place until a month after the date that early voting begins.

Fetterman's strategy is crystal clear. He's trying to put it off because he's incompetent and incapable of actually carry out the duties of the job he's running for. This past Sunday, Fetterman chose to host an anti-abortion rally on the 9/11 anniversary, and the video footage of the ceremony showed his incompetence accurately.

The videos were used as the foundation of NBC News' claims.

When Greg Price posted those videos, NBC News decided to create a report on how they had been “doctored” to “exacerbate” Fetterman's “speech issues.” As has been stated before, the delays and confusion of words are evidently a result of slowed mental processing, not only an impairment in speech. This means that the description given by NBC News was not true. 

These are the facts. The second video shared by Price is from TikTok. The video does have the noise from the crowd removed, but it doesn't change the words coming from Fetterman's mouth. The first video is just a supercut, which is a regular thing in the world of the world of politics. Newscasts are constantly using them. This isn't “doctoring” a video to combine multiple videos of a person speaking. NBC News' use of the term “doctoring” is clearly intended to indicate that Fetterman's troubles are fabricated. What's on the table is real and a clear indication of his health.

To make the situation more egregious, NBC News then went to TikTok and “flagged” the videos, making them disappear. That's right, an entire national news agency is working on behalf of a Democrat candidate from Pennsylvania to have accurate videos censored on the site. They have attempted to get them removed from Twitter also but haven't had any response to date.

In the meantime, NBC News apparently ignored all other videos available that show Fetterman's lack of speaking ability. They didn't even bother to upload these “real videos” as a contrast to the videos they claim to be manipulated. That is because they're identical videos that show the exact same things.

The length the media will go to has no limits. They're Democrat operators working to help those who are their political allies to be elected. Fetterman must be scrutinized as a potential candidate and not protected. It's ridiculous that the supposed unbiased news outlets are working to cover up his flaws and trying to control content. This is the kind of thing Republicans have to live with and it's surprising that they ever get elected with things like this taking place.

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