A Viral Clip From a Martha’s Vineyard Resident Is a Revealing Moment for the Left

Sometimes, a single story is the most talked about in the news. This has been the case today. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' move to transport illegal immigrants into Martha's Vineyard has sent the left into a complete meltdown, and it continues in a steady pace. The rants continue to come in hot, accusing DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott (who bussed illegal immigrants to Kamala Harris' home) of anything from inhumane acts to human trafficking.

The absurdity of the situation has been clear to conservatives, particularly those living in Texas and Arizona where the border crisis has been a stark and present issue for a long time. Towns are overrun with thousands of illegal aliens each month, and the issue is only being made worse through this administration. 

So when Martha's Vineyard takes on 50 illegal immigrants, it ought to be insignificant and should not cause any outrage. However, Democrats are hypocrites, and a popular video by one of the island's residents does a great job of illustrating that.

A lot of what you see in the video is so fascinating that it's difficult to decide what to begin with. Maybe with the notion that Martha's Vineyard, which is an island dotted with mansions and homes of all sizes, doesn’t have enough “housing” available for this very small amount of illegal immigrants?

The idea is absurd that it could be regarded as mockery. Barack Obama has something like 10 bedrooms on his 30-acre estate. At the very minimum, you could put up several tents, right? But he and all the educated “progressives” on Martha's Vineyard do not have any plans of following through with the principles they believe in. Up until now, the problem of immigration has been an abstract, theoretical issue for their members, and it's very easy to promote compassion, even though they're not having to do anything to show for it.

In the context of Martha's Vineyard not being equipped with the necessary services and resources to care for the needs of the illegal immigrants, what does this lady think the border towns, which are overrun with immigrants, have had to deal with? Many thousands of people have been traversing the border illegally each month. The notion that 50 people are too excessive for Martha's Vineyard to handle, but that red states should be able to deal with it, is absurd.

It would seem like this is an opportunity for liberals to realize the error they've made. Instead, they rant, without any suggestion of it being their own fault. The entire incident has been the biggest revelation of who the leftists really are, and we need to listen.

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