Lori Lightfoot Drops Biden With the Words We’ve Been Waiting to Hear About Illegal Immigrants

The left was melting down on Thursday when Texas shuttled illegal immigrants to Kamala Harris's home in Washington, D.C., and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent 50 illegal immigrants on a trip to Martha's Vineyard where the liberal elites such as Barack Obama live and take holidays. They're not even able to deal with 50 illegal immigrants without having to declare an emergency. Border towns have to deal with thousands of people every day.

In August, Texas started sending illegal immigrants to Chicago, a sanctuary city. The office of Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that they'd be welcoming. “As a person of faith, I believe we must see God’s presence in all human beings,” Lightfoot stated. “That's what being a good Christian is.”

The “good Christian” was lying when they came to the city, Lightfoot rounded them up and shipped them to suburban areas like Burr Ridge. Lightfoot had criticized Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for treating the immigrants as “cargo” and not providing her with any advance warning that when they would be arriving. Then, she went back and did the exact same thing.

Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso, a Republican, told Fox News that the migrants are being used as “political pawns” – Grasso said it’s hypocritical for Lightfoot to be complaining about Abbott sending migrants to Chicago, then turning around and “sending [the migrants] out to the” suburbs.

Now, Mayor Lightfoot after receiving only a couple hundred people in Chicago is uttering the most powerful words: The Biden Administration needs to get involved and take action on this. Lightfoot even claims that it's not a new issue in the border. “This is not a new challenge for us. We need federal support. Resources, communication, and collaboration, and that has to come in short order.”

“This is a national problem, it needs a national solution, cities and states cannot be left to fend for ourselves,” she stated.

Right?! This is the point, and she has finally laid it out to everyone to hear. Biden must take action and come up with a strategy to deal the issue. This is what cities along the border have been requesting for the past two years until it became too much and they turned to transporting people to refugee cities.

With only some illegal immigrants, now Democrats such as Lightfoot are complaining. This is a clear indication of what a disgrace the whole “we're sanctuary cities” is. It is clear how terrible these policies are. However, Biden's team has been lying to the public by claiming there is security at the border. They've made this all happen through their ineffective policy on the border. Biden is going to be required to do something about it with the Democrats screaming at him to be serious or risk being destroyed by his supporters in the days before the midterms.

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