The Senate Race Brings Good News and a Surprise in Alaska

The momentum appears to be heading in the direction of the Republicans with regard to the Senate. There are eight races where Decision Desk has indicated they believe the battle for the Senate could hinge on: Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Wisconsin and Ohio. Nearly all seem to have Republicans in the lead or are heading in the right direction.

Wisconsin has just moved towards the Republican direction too.

Democrat Mandela Barnes was ahead by over 7 points in the polls against Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) in August. It's true that was an uneasy start. Johnson had fallen in the polls by nine points during his last election and won by just 3 points. Therefore, many were skeptical of the results of this election. The polls are now pointing significantly towards Johnson.

A new survey from the Marquette University Law School showed 49 percent of the likely voters support Johnson, while 47 percent support Barnes. The Civiqs poll had similar results.

A national Senate poll also brought positive information to Johnson.

The internal poll from the NRSC’s super PAC found Republican Sen. Ron Johnson leading Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes 49 percent to 45 percent, an NRSC aide told POLITICO. Barnes’ favorable-unfavorable rating is 38 percent-41 percent, down from 43 percent-27 percent six weeks ago.

This is negative news for the Democrats.

In addition, there's also a surprising development in Alaska which is good news for the chance of a more powerful, dedicated Republican in the seat. There's a chance that there could be a battle for the Senate in Alaska, with Trump-friendly Kelly Tshibaka having a real chance of beating Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

Alaska has this weird ranked choice voting, which is why they were the four candidates in the poll, however Buzz Kelley has since dropped out and offered his support to Tshibaka.

The poll shows Tshibaka close to Murkowski before Kelley quit the race.

Other figures reveal that Biden's results aren't good, with just 40 percent of the people who approve and 59 percent disapproval. The generic ballot shows Republicans up 51-37 percent.

This is great news, and let's hope the momentum will continue to build until November.

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