Biden Warns Putin Against Using Nukes

Excerpts from an episode of CBS 60 Minutes episode that is scheduled to air Sunday. The show will feature President Joe Biden issuing a stark warning to Russian President Vladimir Putin, claiming there could be severe consequences if Putin uses the use of weapons of mass destruction during the Ukraine conflict. The anchor Scott Pelley said. “As Ukraine succeeds on the battlefield, Vladimir Putin is becoming embarrassing and is being forced into an impasse. And I'm wondering whether, as Mr. President, what would you suggest to him if you might be thinking of the use of chemical or tactical nuclear weaponry?” Biden:

“Don't. Don't. Don't…”

The face of war in a way that has not been seen since World War II.

Pelley was then asked how the United States would respond to the actions of Russia. Biden:

“Do you think I'd tell you the exact details of what it would be? No, I'm not gonna give you the details. It'll be a major issue. They'll become a scourge on the planet than they were. The extent of their actions will determine what reaction will take place.”

The interview is scheduled to air in the midst of Ukraine has launched a successful offensive to the Russian incursion in recent days which has resulted in Ukraine having actually reclaimed some crucial territories. Russia has been utterly humiliated by the loss and Putin's opponents have unmistakably increased the volume of his military ventures. Additionally, Putin recently met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping, and the Chinese autocrat seemed to ease the country's support for Russia in the course of the meeting. As I reported the previous day, “There's been a clear change in power here, in the sense that Putin has shifted his power to the west. The Russian army has been largely unsuccessful in its attempt to join Ukraine. Xi has all the cards and he is aware of it.”

Fox News reports Saturday:

Western defense officials have claimed that Ukraine is growing and has even forced Russian troops to withdraw to their borders.

Images released after Russia's withdrawal show white buildings as well as destroyed due to shelling animals wandering about the streets and according to officials there are signs of torture among the dead.

The folks at RedState put up lots of criticism against Joe Biden, mainly because his policies have proven disastrous for America and the country is in a much worse state than when he was first elected. But, I believe that despite our fierce divergences between partisans, Americans should come together to face the same enemy. I'm not going to attack Biden in this article. The world is confronted with an unforgiving, encircled animal with the form of the Russian president and it's perfectly proper for it as the U.S. is issuing stark warnings against the use of the devices in mass destruction.

Biden is right. If Putin does decide to resort to nukes, it could transform the world as we have it now.

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