Jordan Peterson Lights Up Twitter Over Account Ban

“Dr. Jordan Peterson has posted an enraged (and characteristically artistic) criticism directed towards Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal. Peterson's account on Twitter was revoked in June of this year when he posted comments about the “transition” of actress Ellen Page. Page (who is now known as Elliot) had two mastectomy procedures before publicly “coming out” as a male to the world. Peterson challenged the rationale behind women having their breasts that are healthy removed for cosmetic reasons.

The Daily Wire host has refused to remove the tweet and says his pleas to the platform were unanswered, even though there has been no specific explanation by the people who complained, the number of people who complained, or why his tweet was in violation of the platform's rules.

“A couple of weeks ago, the wise people at Twitter decided to block my access to this platform, despite being a fan with a few million followers. This was in spite of the fact that I used the platform with integrity and even though I spent the effort and time required to build such a large following; and despite the fact that I was an actual influencer on Twitter and was trending at an alarming and terrifying amount of frequency. In numerous ways. I'm your monster sir.”

Three snaps in the Z formation! Wow, Peterson has a knack for words, doesn't he?

“There isn't much that is clear in relation to your social media site. Other than the fact that you are a victim of unruly behavior, you also have the horrendous rise of demons and anonymous bots and trolls and the professional manipulation of public space by people like government officials like the Russian and Chinese government.”

Tell us how you truly are feeling, Doctor!

Peterson continues to share his intimate insight into the depths of the dysfunctional state of the social media giant and the bot account issue Elon Musk and other potential buyers have brought up. Peterson calls the latest account of the whistleblower on Twitter “damning” and points at the company's flaws and the growing chaos as factors that should be disqualified from the media giant's self-image as the authority on acceptable speech.

Peterson's brutal, half-hour rant discusses a wide range of issues that include the ban imposed by Trump. Peterson calls Trump's Twitter ban ” a stain on the political landscape which has not yet been scrubbed away,” and then begins to verbally attack Agrawal along with Peterson's “minions” for their bias and incompetence.

“You haven't made the decision to lift the ban, in spite of the fact there's plenty of bad actors on your poorly-run platform, and in spite of the fact that you do not have moral standing or authority in the most basic moral, not just strictly legal sense to interfere with the functioning of the polity which governs your business; and also the polity that you are bound to the oath of. You've banned Trump and never lifted the ban on Trump even though this ban, in all likelihood…did greater harm than good.”

“The power of your platform is immense, and I think the actions of your company are making things in the world much worse than they need to be.”

The whole video is worthwhile and is packed with high-quality, academic prose to be able to accurately translate. Take the time to take in the video. It will be a pleasure.

Peterson ends with a sharp summary of the event.

“In closing, I'd be able to express my displeasure that I was removed from your website with no explanation other than a general and self-serving low-resolution reason. Two: my challenge to the ban was not considered even though my rebuttal of the above-mentioned behavior was spotted and implemented after hours, or not even minutes. Thirdly, your business's reasons for preventing and influencing or regulating your users' behavior are completely ineffective, opaque and contradictory. Fourthly: that your security personnel, as well as potential buyers or investors of your business are victimized by the chaos in the air under your control. Fifth: that you…continue in censoring an ex-president from the United States, even has an important election approaches…and six your reckless, censorious behavior and support for the anonymity of the Machiavellian or narcissistic psychopaths that reside in the Twitter underworld is shifting and sabotaging the entire realm of public discussion.”

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