Ron DeSantis Is Now More Evil to the Left than Trump

Since the middle of 2015, there has not been a person more demonized by the mainstream media as well as its Democrat friends more than Donald Trump. The fury surrounding the former president has not stopped since the moment he stepped down the escalator of Trump Tower to announce his campaign in the race for White House.

The situation has been so bizarre that the name “orange man bad” was invented. Every single thing Trump has done is scrutinized to the 10th level. Unknown sources form the basis of stories published by the media that are often proven to be untrue. Even to this day, Trump is still accused of being a foreign agent for white supremacy to the Russians.

Are new rivals to the left's anger coming towards the forefront, however? As per The New York Times, it's true. Gov. Ron DeSantis is now worse than Trump.

Well it's possible to claim that Donald Trump is a bully as well. Yes it is true that he is. However, Donald Trump is also a lifelong star with a persona that's as much about “The Apprentice” and even “Home Alone 2” as it is about his political career. In addition, Trump has the skills of a star. He's funny, he's got charisma on stage and has charisma that is natural. He's an irritant due to his ability to manage his ego and cruelty by presenting himself as an actor or clown. He could convince the audience playing games and does not really intend to.

Ron DeSantis cannot. He could be more competent Trump in regards to his ability to utilize the levers of state to accumulate authority, but Ron DeSantis is more solid and tougher and without the soft edges and sexiness of the real Donald Trump.

Did you catch all of that? The truth is, Donald Trump is a bully. However, he's also gentle around the edges (huh?) and can control his ego with jokes or saying something. While DeSantis is better because he's better at manipulating the power levers, but does not have the capacity to manage the intensity of his “cruelty.”

I'm currently reading this and contemplating how absurd it is. The first is that DeSantis appears to be liked by many and this is the reason his campaign has the highest ratings of satisfaction among the major political parties (namely the ones who have pushed for an official national platform during the past year). 2. Trump does not appear to be an uninvolved clown who fails to do what he says. His administration was full of real-life actions that upset the left at a policy level.

Yes, DeSantis is more strategized and, as a result, being more effective in pushing his agenda. However, it's not a matter of night and day. I'm stating this because I make it clear that I would like DeSantis by 2024. And, for all we know, how many times has Trump ever convinced people that he's not really meaning the things he says? It's not happening during his rallies.

This all seems to be a kind of revisionist historical fact. Democrats have never considered Trump to be a not-so-harmless comic. They've been accused of being the son of a Nazi in the name of cripes. This was never a surprise. As DeSantis became increasingly effective in controlling the left, the restoration of Trump was the next step. It's true that he's bad, however Trump isn't so bad.

Here's what I've learned from this. While the left is in love with hating Trump and I can assure you they absolutely dislike him, they are afraid of DeSantis, for various reasons. They believe they can hold the president under control by launching endless attacks and investigations. They're less certain that DeSantis will be able to outmaneuver them all the time. The confusion over the Florida man will only get more hilarious and so, get ready.

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