The Cringiest Ad of the Election Season Is Here

Sometimes, a campaign ad is released that is just right. Perhaps it's because the ad is framed perfectly, or maybe it tugs at the heart strings. Perhaps it's a hard-hitting ad, going straight at an opponent who has earned it.

The ad I'm about to show you isn't any of these, however I'd like to suggest that it's the most cringeworthy and most effective advertising campaign of the election season.

Take a look at Linda Paulson, who is running for the state senatorial seat in Utah. Don't be deceived by her ad, which reads “Utah Satire” in the upper left corner. This is an Instagram account that posted this, but the advertisement is legitimate as per Utah Public Radio. Actually, it was the reason for Paulson's first appearance in the race.

The music and singing, the brightness on the screen. It's hard to turn it down, but you're unable to look away. It manages to be complete trash and also a work of art at the same time.

If you're not able to see it, Paulson raps and it's exactly how you imagine your grandmother's voice trying to sound when she tries to move. It's not a lot of rhymes. There's nothing to talk about. Yet, it's extremely efficient.

Listen to me. Nobody knew the name of Linda Paulson before this video. She's now a household name all over the world, and it's hard to not help but look at the video and follow her. Sometimes, the most effective advertisements are those you don't expect. It could have been a boring, deadpan ad on increasing criminality, however she instead swung at the fences and scored an unstoppable home run.

What a legend that this woman is. It's a weekend and it's not a good idea to ramble further about this. Go find the video and watch it yourself

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