Biden Makes a Mess of 60 Minutes Interview

Joe Biden was on “60 Minutes” on Sunday evening. The interview was a total catastrophe. As I write this, news is already being released about the way he bludgeoned officials of his administration, and his staff is scrambling to get the mess cleaned up.

In reality, within an hour after the interview was aired, the first clarification had already been made regarding remarks the president made about the need to defend Taiwan from the threat of a Chinese attack. It happened twice in the past several months that Biden's administration was required to retract remarks on the issue.

The situation didn't improve as the debates changed. When Biden was asked about inflation, Biden provided perhaps the most unprofessional response that anyone could imagine.

If you are faced with bad economic news, there are two options to tackle the situation as the president. The best approach is to acknowledge the reality and then formulate an actionable plan on improving things. Americans are very tolerant of politicians who are honest to them. However, the most unwise approach is to make it appear that all is well and anyone who isn't convinced is a fool. What is the strategy Biden has picked?

The disdainful snark over the 8.3 percent inflation that is killing middle- and lower-income people is quite shocking to watch. Biden's skin is so thin it's easy to see through it. While I'm sure Biden isn't obligated to live with any of the repercussions that his policy has brought, I'd imagine Biden could at least try to try to make it appear a bit. In addition, his explanation isn't even logical. What's the point of increased “an inch” if the general rate remains astronomically high? Core inflation continues to increase mostly due to housing and food (including rent) costs.

If that wasn't enough, Biden declared the fact that “the pandemic is over” in relation to the coronavirus.

Does that make me feel uncomfortable? It's not at all considering that the pandemic has been long over for me. However, in relation towards the current administration, President Biden basically dropped a nuclear bomb on his White House. There was no prior information about his remarks for any of his health personnel and there's plenty of bruised rear ends to go with the matter.

We're not done, however. Biden was quizzed about his suitability for office and gave a speech which perfectly clarifies why he's unfit for the office. Honestly, it's art.

If the president tells us to “watch me,” does he realize that we have been watching since the day he was inaugurated and we don't love the things we see? Maybe Biden is deceiving himself to the extent at which the president believes he's accomplished his task well and, if that's the case, it's time to spend some time away from Delaware.

In the end, it's entirely your fault. It's true that everything is in fact great and you're only psychologically incapable of being content due to COVID-19 or something else.

Somewhere, Biden's communications staffers are busy smoking cigarettes to prepare for this week's briefings. It was so bad and I could go on with more videos. This video is an interview which does not stop. Anyone who greenlit this interview is not allowed to be a politician again.

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