Dems Lose Minds over Gesture at Trump Rally

The article I wrote was previously about Walter Shaub, Barack Obama's ethics chief, the one who previously exposed the conflict which the Biden team had with Hunter Biden and his art exhibit.

However, Shaub as well as others on the left were just losing minds over the most recent “BlueAnon” hot take after the Trump rallies on the streets of Ohio on Saturday. The latest time around, Shaub was right in the middle, pushing the idea by claiming that those at the rally who raised their hands, was “reminiscent of a Nazi salute.” A number of others on the left also pushed the same idea.

“It may seem odd they'd adopt a gesture reminiscent of a nazi salute, but they'll grow more overt about their nature as their grip tightens,” Shaub said. “They've pulled off the biggest wave of voter suppression in a half-century, control the courts & so far mostly got away with a coup attempt.” This is quite delusional, especially when you consider that it's the Democrats who control the majority of the administration, not to mention the majority of journalists.

I've seen a number of Trump rallies but haven't witnessed anyone else make this gesture before. Perhaps, since the images were shown right after his speech of unity “Americans kneel to God and God alone” and America being “one people…one glorious American nation,” may be an affirmation of this fact. Trump spoke of everyone being one united nation, which all citizens should be supportive of. In contrast to Joe Biden, who attacked millions of Americans as extremists since they are committed to making America the best again. Comparing this gesture during Trump's rally to an Nazi salute, and then suggest that by making a gesture with their fingers that they're somehow fascists like Shaub and other members of the left do is absurd. It's a shameful act and is divisive.

This is where Democrats and other members of the left are right now. They'll do whatever they can to try to demonize Trump as well as his supporters. This shows how desperate they are and they are aware that Republicans will likely be victorious in Congress in 2022.

So, are Shaub and the others going to protest the Obama people for showing their hands in these photos?

What about reprimanding the Taylor Swift fans?

If we'd like to begin playing these games you can start by doing things similar to this, which, given Joe Biden's speech, is a more precise analysis.

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