Senate Race News in Arizona Spells Trouble for Democrats

In my writing, I've discussed how the mood in the Senate appears to be shifting towards Republicans following Biden's controversial Philadelphia speech and his disastrous move to bailout student loans.

We've witnessed Herschel Walker get ahead in the polls in Georgia in addition to Dr. Mehmet Oz closing the gap over John Fetterman as more information is revealed about Fetterman's problems. Tedd Budd will be running to fill the Senate seat previously held by Senator. Richard Burr (R-NC) which is why it's crucial to secure the seat. Decision Desk has changed that race from a “Toss Up” to “likely Republican” within the last two weeks. The end of last week, we witnessed Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) advance over Mandela Barnes in the polls of Wisconsin. Because the polls were ahead of his opponent when he last was in the race, and he was able to win, and now that he's leading the polls, it's an excellent sign.

One of the races which the GOP establishment had not offered much hope for included the contest among Blake Masters and Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ). It didn't make sense given that this was an area and a race that the GOP could take on. However, they didn't put every penny they could in the contest. Other groups came into the gap to fill it.

Masters is steadily increasing over Kelly and now the latest developments have been shocking for Democrats and he's just 1.2 points behind in the latest poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group.

Kelly is currently at 46.6 percent in comparison to Masters' 45.4 percent, with 5.3 percent of those who aren't sure. It's a statistical tie. In the event of a red wave, Kelly may be in trouble. It's a result of starting at the back of Kelly by two multiples.

It's not just Masters getting more popular with people who are enthralled by what they're getting from Masters and his team, but also Kelly being tagged in the right way with Biden's mistakes; he's accepted them as well and hasn't been able to call Biden out. Biden's behavior is going to harm a candidate as Kelly in a state with a red hue like Arizona.

If you are unable to stand up and offer your opinion clearly on Biden as you don't want to claim Biden is bad, but you don't want to be caught lying and say Biden is a good guy- Arizonans will see that you're lying. You must have the courage to defend the citizens in your state. Kelly cannot even do that, unless it involves calling the name of Biden and his track record of supporting Biden.

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