Is America Worth Fighting For?

Has America ever been through a time when her best moments disappear into the distance?

It's the question that everyone who has lived the last 30 – or 40-years in the United States of America and has witnessed what's happened over the last year and a half, must be pondering. People who are older than 50 are certainly looking back at what happened in the 70s and early 80s, and wondering if the situation is likely to turn out as disastrous as it was back then or could it be a bigger catastrophe.

It's true that I'm a 50-something, so I can only have vague memories and thoughts from Dad asking Mom why she chose an agriculturalist from Georgia as President back in those dark, dingy times.

I frequently wonder if I will be able to look back on the corrupt Carter years and wish for the time of that in the coming years, after President Pudding Brain is completely drained of the fluid that is keeping his brain going, with Veep Cackle at the ready. The thought of this makes me sweat and also makes me angry and saddens me.

This isn't the America I was born into and certainly not the one that we are supposed to pass on for those of the ” Taylor Swift is the best singer EVAH” generation. There is a need for the chance to clean up after this belief, but not the magnitude we're at now.

Is America still worth fighting for?

If you have read the most recent pieces from my colleagues Bonchie as well as Nick Arama on Joe Biden’s interview on “60 Minutes” where he verbally is a bully, you might struggle to believe that the glass is half-full right now. We are guided by someone with many years of experience in being apathetic. The Vice President he chose set the stage for the deplorable performance of his presidency. The idea that she was the sole one remaining who met the requirements of having ovaries and being someone with a certain type of ethnic origin could be a gloomy foreshadowing of many more mistakes to be made in the future.

I'm not sure that you could think that on occasions I'm on an unsinkable boat like the Titanic while watching the final lifeboats float by, and I'm wondering why the band can not stop playing since I have a headache. All while knowing that I paid too much for the ticket and that there's nothing I can do as the frigid Atlantic waters wrap all around me.

We're seeing that as a bad sign in the present.

But, I'm part of the American Gen X generation, which means that we were the last generation of children to walk around without cell phone tracking devices. We also knew how to use rotary phones that were hanging on our kitchen walls. We also had to switch the channel on TV without the remote and were forced to walk into fast food outlets to take an order of carry-out, with no drive-through window available.

What all this signifies is that we're really the toughest generation to date.

Since I'm part of this group of Americans, I knew I had to look for the silver lining within the dark cloud of despair which is Biden and Harris' administration as well as their frequent blunders. That's the reason I was so interested when I came across a friend of mine Susie Moore, and her article titled Moore To the Point Moore to the Point – America is Alright.

She nails down exactly how I've felt and I'm sure there are many others right now wondering where in the world has the more rational society that we lived in a few years ago gone?

It's easy to be frustrated by the constant negative news we're presented with regularly. Being a person who swims in it, I can confirm that. While I'm an optimist by default, the sense of cynicism that is not completely pessimism is always trying to disrupt the party.

Every hour of the day with negative news that can make you feel deflated quickly. It's the daily grind of life which can make the typically bright horizons in the American dream appear to diminish a little amid the fog of dysfunctional leadership we're currently given.

Yet Americans have seen tough times before.

If you've ever read David McCullough's fantastic book called 1776 about the first winter George Washington's Continental Army suffered through, you'll know that this country would probably not have existed had it not been for the intervention of God.

The American Civil War was another illustration of the nation's crumbling foundations, resulting in the nation being destroyed and its citizens being harmed for a long time afterward.

I could write about my thoughts on the Great Depression, World Wars I & II, as well as numerous other historical events that Americans during extremely stressful times had to endure and persevere through in the face of adversity. I'm not going to say that we can't manage everything that comes in the balance, but it seems like there is a common theme throughout the course of our past.

A reminder similar to Susie's above “America is Alright” is required more often in these times when everything we read from the news media seems to be hot trash that is served on a hot poop dish. It is important to unplug from the apps on our smartphones and laptops and engage in a game of baseball or bowling at least once in a while. We can be enjoying the changing of the leaves over the next few weeks. We should also enjoy the cool fall air and get our brains back in order.

We need to take a break and connect with God to ask Him for guidance in our lives as well as for the country God helped to establish with women and men who, in a lot of cases, have made the ultimate price for their families' prosperity.

While I'm angry and exhausted from all of the B.S. that Joe and his socialist malcontent people are forcing down our throats, I'm prepared to take on an additional 12 rounds.

Are the values of America still worthy of fighting for?

You can be sure they are.

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