Scott Pelley Fails Biden Interview

As of last week, President Joe Biden hadn't given an interview to an American news outlet in the span of seven months, that's about 223 days. Consider that. There is a United States president who is not accountable to the American public and who is spending his time hiding behind staff, Teleprompters, cheat sheets, and his wife Jill.

The president did, however, make an appearance for a segment on CBS News 60 Minutes on Sunday, and the news he dropped was enough that he could keep RedState journalists on in overtime. Yours truly reported that Biden advised Putin against using nukes during the Ukraine war; Streiff wrote that Biden has pledged to protect Taiwan regardless of the fact that it isn't the official U.S. position; Nick Arama reported on about how Joe boasted that he was in the process of draining his Strategic Petroleum Reserve and then dismissed any doubts about the business dealings with Hunter, and Bonchie wrote about Joe's dismissal of inflation that was skyrocketing before he said that COVID was gone…

Phew. The list continues.

It's no wonder he has to wait seven months between appearances. His handlers require weeks of cleanup as they attempt to rebut or clarify the majority of what he stated. In fairness the man was fairly lucid and seemed to be of a sound mind. It is certain that, of any senior moments, CBS would have edited the footage.

The only thing that is not mentioned in the media, however, is the work of the media in our country. Many believe Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre's briefings to be a complete comedy, since she's unable to respond to numerous questions, and she is not often asked to answer questions by anybody other than White House correspondent other than Fox's Peter Doocy..

CBS News anchor Scott Pelley, if you're given a one-on-one conversation with Biden, the tormented and controversial President of the United States, what are you going to do? You fail to impress by asking softball questions and not following up on Biden's disputed assertions.

In short, you failed.

NewsBusters Analyst Kevin Tober wrote about the interview:

From the beginning it was evident the reason Biden picked Pelley to give his first interview with him in months. From the beginning and right up to the final minute, Pelley gushed and fawned over Biden in a sloppy manner…

This kind of praise from the media will make state-controlled media in North Korea blush. Pelley could be a great anchor of a North Korean or Chinese state media outlet.

Tell us how you feel. Outkick, the radio station's founder and creator Clay Travis, also found it fascinating to know that COVID was declared “over,” because wasn't it only two minutes earlier that Biden made use of this epidemic “crisis” to forgive student loans?

Fox Across America host Jimmy Failla was not impressed, either:

“I think interviewers must be respectful of presidents, but not be giddy. No matter if you agree or disagree with the portrayal of Pelley, one fact is for certain that he did not ask any questions regarding one of the most threatening problems in the nation: the border. To talk to the president and not mention this is a blatant example of journalistic incompetence. Although Jim Acosta was an unpleasant journalist during the Trump times, at the very least, he asked questions, like the screaming Sam Donaldson back in the past. Apart from the mentioned Peter Doocy, there is nobody in the current corrupt media that will ask Biden anything.”

Scott Pelley had his chance but failed spectacularly.

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