Biden Makes Errors on Border

One of the most significant issues which Joe Biden and his team face — and it's difficult to identify since they're plagued by so many problems — is that they do not admit that they're responsible for anything. They're not honest, and they aren't able to fix the harm they've caused. They're reluctant to admit they're the ones who caused them. 

In response to questions about why they didn't fix the border, both Joe Biden as well as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre suggested that, somehow, they were confronted by a novel “pattern” that wasn't their fault.

As we mentioned, there were some remarks made by Joe Biden, where he states that it's a new situation because people aren't traveling out of Central America and Mexico; they're coming from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. Um, Joe? Nicaragua is an integral part of Central America. This is not true -there are still people arriving out of Central America, as well as from other countries across the globe. It's not just Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua. They've been coming through Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua for a long time, even though there's been a greater influx recently from Venezuela. When Biden speaks about this, he's merely saying that he doesn't know what is being said. One thing Biden has that's “new” is his failure to address the issue since he took office.

Biden stated that sending the people back was not “rational,” and Jean-Pierre declared that the group was “fleeing Communism.” Now this is an interesting response, and a self-described objective, since while they try to shift attention away from their inability to address the crisis on borders, Biden and the progressive Jean-Pierre are essentially acknowledging the issue of extreme leftism and that people would like to escape from it. Although some who are people fleeing Communism might have legal asylum rights (although they probably had to travel through other countries in which they might claim asylum to arrive in the United States) but that does not mean you have to open doors to just anyone.

But that wasn't all the personal goal KJP made in her presentation. I have written in the past about the possibility that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may have been sending a group of undocumented aliens to a airport near Rehoboth Beach, Joe Biden's vacation spot in Delaware on Tuesday.

Karine Jean-Pierre stated she was aware and that the White House was “coordinating” with local officials regarding potential DeSantis flight of undocumented immigrants to Delaware.

So I have a huge question for you. Why do they all the sudden “coordinate” when it comes to Delaware and Biden, when they have been releasing migrants across Texas and flying people across the nation with no notice? What is the “monitoring” of the situation at the border? Texas as well as Arizona have been fighting for two years for the assistance they need. However, the Biden team hasn't shown any interest in “coordinating” to solve the issue. Every day, 2,000 people are brought into El Paso. 

In fact, New York City, Washington, D.C. and Chicago all appear to be in a bind in regards to requesting assistance by the Federal government after being involved in the issue. There ought to be coordination, and plenty of it with these cities; however, there isn't. What is it that makes Delaware as well as Rehoboth Beach so special that it is that the White House is “coordinating,” even before the people are dropped off? It doesn't have anything to do with Joe Biden's house does it? Talk about preferential treatment.

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