Gavin Newsome Lies During California Exodus Discussion

There is a reason that the California departure is in fact a real thing that is so huge that extensive research and reports on the subject over the last few years to discover the precise reasons for it the reason is obvious to almost everyone but not to the governor of the state, Gavin Newsom, who has not encountered a single sensible piece of legislation that he liked, or if it was something that he believed could be applied against him in the event of a 2024 run for president.

In an interview that he held with Vox Media's Kara Swisher and former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara at the Code Conference in Los Angeles in September of this year, Newsom was asked by Bharara “are more people leaving California for Texas, or are more people leaving Texas for California?”

After a brief discussion about what percentage of people have quit this state, Bharara asked Newsom if he could provide the reasons for the mass departure.

The answer? Blame former president Donald Trump, because, of course.

I'm sure Newsom enjoys living in a fantasy world and also relishes the luxuries of a dutifully compiled national and state press who rarely question the president and his policies, but this is plain-speaking propaganda. It's not necessary to believe about it either.

As recently as July, even Democrat supporters in The Los Angeles Times wrote a article on the reasons why people were leaving, and the shocker of all shockers was that the most important motives people were packing their bags and leaving California at a record pace was the cost of living, including astronomically high prices for homes, an increase in violent crime, including the deadly hit and grabs, and an exaggerated need for housing.

In the report, they cite changes in work-life balance, the possibility of remote work, and increasing numbers of people opting to quit their jobs. The report discovered that large numbers of Californians are moving to states such as Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Florida. California lost over 352,000 people between April 2020 to January 2022, in accordance with California Department of Finance statistics.

San Francisco and Los Angeles are ranked first and second in the United States in terms of outbound relocations because prices for living as well as housing costs increase and homeowners move to more affordable cities, as per a report by Redfin published this month.

In addition, the state has been experiencing an eroding middle class according to Lee, a professor of economics at the University of California, Ohanian. He referenced the study of the National Assn. of Realtors which states that the median national home sale price in California has topped $800,000.

“[California is] at a risk of becoming a state for very, very wealthy people and very, very low earners who receive state and local and federal aid that allows them to be able to live here,” Ohanian added. “We should worry about those in the middle who are earning that $78,000 household median income and are, at the end of the day, really struggling, especially if they have interest in buying a home.”

California is also the state that is most famous for its continuing homeless crisis that Newsom has done nothing about, at least not since his stint as Supervisor of the city of San Francisco, not when he was the city's Mayor, nor while he was Lieutenant Governor, and not now that Newsom is Governor. Unsurprisingly, Newsom was as well accused of the issue of homeless blamed on Trump and continues to deny the issue, even though he was checked for truth by the liberal hacks from Politifact who gave him a “Pants on Fire” rating for certain absurd assertions.

Gavin Newsom loves to talk about the problems which continue to plague California, but when the rubber hits the road, Newsom – like other woke CA Dems, will prefer to look away and take a sip of wine at the French laundry as the people who he is in charge of have to struggle to meet their financial obligations.

Simply put, the facts don't concern Gavin Newsom's opinions. Extreme Democrat policies that Newsom has had an influence on or over has pushed California into the dirt and forced a lot of its citizens to search for greener grasses. You can be sure that this unpopular information will be dropped one at a time upon Newsom by the Florida governor Ron DeSantis, whose state has been among the biggest beneficiaries of the departure from blue states such as California along with New York, in the event that they clash during a presidential match-up.

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