House Democrats Spreads Lies About January 6th

On any occasion, House members are sparring during committee hearings. Much of which we don't see because it's not relevant. One exception occurred on Wednesday when an exchange about January 6 occurred between Rep. Mondaire Jones (D-NY) and Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC).

Jones, who is a remarkably uninspiring left-wing hack decided to say that officer Brian Sicknick died by being “bludgeoned to death.” This lie has been repeated over the past year and a half despite it being extensively disproved. However, it is an integral part of the Democrat story about the 6th of January and serves as “proof” that the riot was particularly deadly.

Luckily, Bishop was having none of it. He intervened and what followed was a masterclass on how to play the clown.

There's a lot of inter-talk and stammering throughout the video. I'm not going to translate it. However, I'll provide a play-by-play:

The video begins with Bishop responding to Jones in his statement about Sicknick being beaten to death. Jones returns and states”I told you that,” but does not mention at the hands of who. Bishop responds by asking the question that is obvious: So what exactly is Jones asking about?

Amazingly, the Democrat claims that he can “get that information to you in a few minutes” when he begins to stumble, and asks Bishop whether he's denial that there was a Capitol Police officer murdered during the chaos that occurred on the 6th of January. This is when Bishop let him be, stating that he was not in denial before outlining details, including details on the medical exam report which states that Sicknick died from natural causes.

There is no doubt. Sicknick was not executed by bludgeoning. There is no evidence to suggest he did get “murdered” as Jones said. However, once a Democrat is forced into an impasse because of their own lies you can count on stupidity to follow and indeed, it did. Jones continued to snark, saying, “I contend that 138 Capitol and DC police officers were injured and that multiple Capitol Police officers died as a direct result of what happened on January 6th.”

It's completely incorrect. No police officer was killed by any direct incident that occurred on January 6th. What Jones wants to do is add unrelated suicides that occurred in the following months and none of them have been linked to incidents at the Capitol in his narrative. This is grotesque because Jones is using dead people to justify his political agenda, even though he knows that what he's claiming isn't the truth. In the end, Jones asserts that Bishop is fighting over the issue of a “minute point,” as if the distinction between dying from natural causes or being beaten to death is irrelevant. It's evident that the Democrat is utterly embarrassed and is seeking a way out.

The mindset Jones exhibits is one many have adopted since the 6th of January. For instance, the notion that because things went wrong on that day, being precise about what the events were is not just insignificant but also out of the question. It's basically saying that you must accept every lie that is said by individuals like Jones and, if you don't, you're responsible for the violence. It's a cheap tactic that is not something anyone should consider seriously.

Bishop illustrates that Republicans should never be afraid in their commitment to truth regardless of whether that truth isn't in line with the dominant story. In the meantime, Jones shows what it appears to be like to have no clue what you're discussing.

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